Nitai’s Inconcievable Mercy and Empowerment to Glorify Him

 When one glorifies Nitai, that is not our favor on Nitai, that is Nitai’s supreme favor on us. No one can utter a word in His glorification unless He allows one to do so. His mercy is so vast that although He is Uttamasloka, the one to be glorified with the choicest and best words, He allows His children to glorify Him inadequately with their broken words and feels immeasurable pleasure when they humbly offer it to Him. To glorify Radha Krishna, we must first purify ourselves internally and externally, and then we can properly offer prayers in the correct mood. Only siddhas have the ability to truly enunciate Their inconceivable glories.

But our Nitai is always “unique” and therefore is the only Lord who allows the most fallen of the fallen souls to spread His glories! He does so out of His sweet will. He knows that the bliss we will derive from glorifying Him or anything related to Him will be unparalleled, and so He freely gives us this gift. Usually vandanam bhakti is towards the last stages of devotional service. It comes after shravanam, kirtanam, smaranam, pada sevanam, and finally archanam. But Nitai gives it right at the very beginning! Even Dhruva Maharaj had to seek Narayana’s blessings to glorify Him after performing severe penances and austerities to purify himself, what to speak of Gaur Radha Krishna or the other forms of Godhead.

But for Nitai, nothing is needed. No purification, no qualification, no objections—only action! Nitai’s specialty is direct action! During Baladev’s Tirtha Yatra, after He killed Romaharshan suta for showing disrespect, the sages became worried of who would do the Bhagavat katha now. So Baladev picked up Romaharshan’s little infant boy who was rolling on the ground without clothes, his body all covered with dirt, and placed him on the vyasa asan. The sages were bewildered and confused. Immediately upon Balai’s touch, the boy began to do Bhagavat Katha in such a way that it appeared as if Maa Sarasvati was seated on his tongue. The sages gaped in awe and prostrated themselves before the blessed child. So this is Nitai Balaram. There were so many erudite scholars, munis, rishis and advanced devotees present in that assembly. But Balai bestowed His mercy on the helpless soul who had not even learnt to speak, and that too on His own desire! Nitai delivered the thieves and rogues and then made their team leader into a first class preacher! The one who was a first class rogue and murderer became a first class preacher of spiritual science. When the thief hesitated saying that he didn’t even know a single drop about bhakti, as he had been sinning his whole life, Nitai immediately put His lotus feet on the thief’s head!!!!! Then….then what? BOOM! Overflood of spiritual knowledge!

Was it not Nitai who delivered the small children in Jhanj Pitha Math? Gaur had been discussing Krishna conscious philosophy with the Bhattacharyas, Upadhyayas, Chattopadhyays, Misras and delivering them. But these little innocent children, they could not speak philosophy, they could not understand the high precepts of bhakti. They were children. So who came running for them? Nitaaaaiiiii!

And Nitai’s style is also mind blowing.He becomes a child with children. Wait no correction: He already is like a child! So the child to child combination, you can imagine. 😄😄

Each one of those children who Nitai glanced at became soooo charged with His potency that their spiritual power exceeded what can ever be known in this world. They did continous sankirtan for three months without any rest, food or water. Even an elephant would have died! But their energy simply increased day to day. No one had the power to restrain them. This was a feat unheard of in history. And these were CHILDREN!

Ultimately Nitai had to Himself appear and console them by taking each one into His lap and personally feeding them.

So when we have such a Lord, why will we not preach for Him! Even animals will feel inspired to glorify such a loving, generous and adorable Master. This is a one time chance in this life!

Never again will a Lord come who will so liberally inspire anyone and everyone to glorify them. Just see… He is the top of the topmost, Swayam Avatari- yet He is the most liberal. Ahhhh what a combination! Jay jay jay jay jay Nitaaaaii!



  1. Only निताइ! Your articles are an unfathomable, yet freely available treasure bestowed directly by निताइ to enliven a dead-like soul like me. Thank You!



  2. Thank u somuch dear Nitaisevikdasi prabhvi for writing such an extraordinary articles glorifying most merciful NitaiChand who is Avatari Himself! ! Even to understand such articles we need mercy of Nitai n favour of Nitai !! Only due to His unconditional love such amazing glories appears in front of the eyes of Mahamahapatit souls like me !! After reading ur inredible articles I feel blessed by the mercy of NitaiChand !! U r developing n contineously incresing our faith, trust n love in NitaiChand by writing such mindblowing articles !! Undoubtedly u r empowered by NitaiChand n Nitaipreshthji! ! You have shakti to deliver millions n billions! ! U can reduce the worries of NitaiChand n Nitaipreshthji! ! Thank u somuch once again for sharing nectar of NitaiChand n strengthening our faith for NitaiChand !! Truelly the opportunities to attain the mercy of such merciful Lord appears only once in 864 crs. years! ! Who would not like to take it! !
    Words always falls short to sing ur glories dear Nitaisevikdasi prabhvi !! Keep itup! ! We r proud to have such a magnanimous personality, Nitai ‘s lover with us who is most enthusiastic n greedy to spread Name n Fame of NitaiChand n Nitaipreshthji across the globe! !
    All glories to you! ! Aapki jai ho..jai ho..jai ho..



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