Nitai Bhakti Pleases Gaur the Most

Nitai! What is wrong if one is a Nitaivadi and has immense love for Gaurhari? If one is Gaurvadi and loves Nitai then that is considered “genuine bhakti” but one cannot be a Nitaivadi and still claim to love Gaur? Is this not ardha kukkutti nyaya? Is loving Nitai because He has given us Gaur, out of our eternal gratefulness a crime? Being a Nitaivadi does mean to neglect Gauranga Krishna, it means to accept Him wholeheartedly through Nityananda, because we understand that without Nitaiii it is absolutely impossible for us to have any connection with Gauranga. We serve Gauranga in every way possible knowing in our hearts that this was possible due to Nitai’s empowerment, and this service is His loving gift. There is no service greater than the service of Gaur Radha Krishna. That is the perfection and summum bonum of all service and we are eternally obliged to the one and only Lord who is granting that service or who will even think of giving such a priceless diamond in the hands of fallen rascals like ourselves.




Anyone can have a particular attraction and exclusive devotion towards a form of the Lord. Hanuman kicked Garuda away when he was sent to tell him that Krishna had called for him. Only when Krishna corrected Garuda and told him to approach Hanuman and say Shri Ramchandra has called for you did Hanumanji come. So is he to be considered an aparadhi? Why is it that Gaurhari Himself (who is Govinda and Ram) was so immensely pleased by Murari Gupta for his exclusive, uncompromising devotion to Ramchandra? Those who are in Vraja rasa, do not even enter in Dwaraka or even speak about it, they are content with their vraja bhakti- is this also spiritual negligence? Radharani did not even accept Dwarkadhish Krishna when She saw Him in Kurukshetra, She instead requested Him to come in His gopa form.
The manjaris are attracted to Radharani exclusively and will not heed even Krishna Himself before their Swamini’s sanction, yet their devotion is glorified and worshiped by Rasaraj Krishna Himself, is that also to be considered as spiritual sectarianism?



So are all these great devotees to be considered as offenders? Indeed this exclusive and one pointed feature of their surrender to their Ishtadeva makes their devotion even more glorious!

Actually worshiping Nitai is even higher than worshiping Gaurhari because that is the most pleasing to Him, that is His most cherished desire. Just like if I am craving for sandesh and you give me a cookie, yes sure I will be happy but the one who will actually fulfil my craving by giving me my most desired sandesh will win my heart more, this is but natural. Yes worshiping Gauranga only is very pleasing to Him, but it cannot compare to the happiness and pleasure He experiences when someone worships His Nitai. Amar bhaktera puja ama haite bada. “The worship of My devotee is greater than My worship.” Is this not what Gauranga Mahaprabhu has proclaimed Himself? And not once, but several times to drill this crucial point into our minds. We must understand that when we put down the worship of Nitaichand, the greatest displeasure and pain is experienced by Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself. Nitai will simply smile innocently and forgive our ignorance like a generous Father, just like He told Madhai that a father does not get angry when the child hits him, but Gaurhari’s heart will be shred to bits. Indeed Gauranga says that if someone has envy even the size of a mustard seed for Nitai, then that soul is forever rejected by Gaur, what to speak of deliberately demeaning Nitai’s worship. The consequences of that are ghastly and equal to committing spiritual suicide.

nityanande yahara tileka dvesa rahe bhakta haile o se amara priya nahe (CB Antya 2.260)

“If one maintains the slightest envy for Nityananda, he is not dear to Me (Gaur), even if he is My devotee.”

If we truly love Gauranga then we will follow His orders and do what pleases Him the most, what gives the most joy to His heart. Nitai’s devotees are actually the greatest Gaurvadis because they truly understand the heart and innermost desires of Their Lord which no one else can penetrate through. This exclusive devotion of Nitai is actually a higher order and direct inspiration of Gaurchandra.

mora deha haite nityananda-deha bada satya satya sabare hahinu ei dadha (CB Antya 2.258)

“The body of Nityananda is more important to Me than My own body. I assure you that this is the actual truth.”

If one carefully reads Chaitanya Bhagavat or Chaitanya Charitamrita, then it is practically impossible to not detect how Gauranga Mahaprabhu has been uncompromisingly preaching about and reiterating the importance of this topmost process of taking full shelter of Nitai. He has emphasized it by one pretext or another throughout the whole span of His worldly pastimes. In fact, if one notices closely, Gauranga Mahaprabhu actually eagerly awaits for an opportunity to establish Nityananda Prabhu’s position and the glories of taking His shelter whenever there is some favorable chance to do so.

sakala bujhaya chale sì-gaurasundare ye janaye marma, sei jana sukhe tare (Antya 2.214)

Sri Gaurasundara taught everyone by this pretext. Anyone who understands this truth is easily delivered.

(In context of Gauranga explaining the glories of Nityananda Prabhu to all His associates in Chaitanya Bhagavat Antya Chapter 2)

sabare sikhaya gauracandra bhagavan “nityananda-prati sabe hao savadhana (Antya 2.257)

Gauracandra taught everyone, “You should all be respectful to Nityananda.”

This Nitaivada philosophy is no dogmatic philosophy which has emerged from merely sentimentalism or speculation, it is the direct order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Gauranga Mahaprabhu and fully in accordance with His teachings. Just like the Bhagavad Gita is known as the science of devotional service due to it emanating from the lotus mouth of Sri Krishna Himself, the roots of this Nitaivada philosophy comes directly from Gauranga’s vani. Thus this science of Nitai bhakti (to attain Gaur Radhe Shyam) has been initiated by Gauranga Himself. In truth, for this very reason, Nitai bhakti is actually the most relevant and effective process for the jivas of Kaliyuga, because it has been inaugurated by the Yug Avatari Himself, who has come particularly to uplift the fallen souls.



Fools are unable to understand this confidential point and deride those who are ardently trying and constantly engaged in working towards fulfilling the orders of Gaurhari Himself. Gauranga feels great pride in seeing souls wholeheartedly serving His Nitai. One who truly loves Gauranga, will sell themselves to Nitai. Ha Gauranga, what to speak of others, the confidential fact is that Gaurhari Himself is sold out to Nitai!

prabhu bale,— ”nityananda, samvariya more ei ami deha samarpilaìa tomare” (CB Antya 2.491)

The Lord replied, “Nityananda, You should protect Me. I am surrendering My body to You.”

Gauranga reveals this confidential truth (gopya katha) to Raghav Pandit in Chaitanya Bhagavat Antya Chapter 5:

TEXT 101-102

“raghava, tomare ami nija-gopya kai amara dviriya nahi nityananda-bai

“O Raghava, I have something confidential to tell you. Nityananda is nondifferent from Me.

ei nityananda yei karaya amare se-i kaì ami, ei balila tomare

“I tell you, I do whatever Nityananda wants Me to do.

But without even assessing these points, Nitaivadis are accused of rejecting Gauranga. No one is rejecting Gauranga, Nitai loves Gaurhari more than anyone else, so being His servants, how can we reject His beloved Lord? This is unimaginable for the dear servants of Nitai even in their dreams. We have always accepted and do accept Gauranga as our munificent master and are simply depending on His beloved Nitai to reach Him. We simply want to remain safely guarded and wrapped in Nitai’s care and protection, to properly protect our bhakti lata and ultimately serve Gaur. We do not have any faith in our fallen selves, so we wish to place our overconfidence and cent percent faith in Nitai’s guidance. We simply desire to place ourselves fully into Nitai’s arms and walk on the path of Ragamarg while holding while onto His finger.

bhaja bhaja bhai, hena prabhu-nityananda
yaìhara prasade pai prabhu-gauracandra

(CB Antya 5.704)

“O brothers, just worship Nityananda Prabhu, by whose mercy one can attain Lord Gauracandra.”

In fact, Gauranga is the most cherished object of a Nitai sevak’s love because He is the lifebreath of their master, Nitaichandra.
Anyone who doubts these eternal facts, should read the following verdict of Srila Vrindavan das Thakur, whose life and soul are Chaitanya Nitai- “I carefully serve Lord Nityananda’s devotees. Lord Chaitanya is the life and wealth of Lord Nityananda’s servants.”(CB Madhya 22.138)

In fact he further mentions,

alpa bhagye nahi haya nityananda dasa, yahara laoyaya gauracandrera prakasa

“A person who has only a little good fortune will not become Lord Nityananda’s servant, for Lord Nityananda’s servant is able to see Lord Chaitanya.”

(CB Madhya 22.138-139)

It is not easy to become the servant of Nityananda, this is the highest benediction. One who is a servant of Nityananda, purchases Gauranga eternally, so this honor will only be available to one who is specially favored by Gauranga. Alpa bhagye nahi haya nityananda dasa. Therefore, it can be expected that not everyone will have sufficient Gaur kripa required to fully comprehend the glories of taking Nitai’s shelter.

Where else will Nitai take us? The only aspiration Nitai has is to make sure each and every soul reaches Gaur Krishna. He has come only for this purpose. What makes one think that Nitai will suddenly take all the devotees and keep them for Himself. Are they not aware of Nitai’s true desire and His humble selfless nature? Criticizing Nitai’s devotees of forsaking Gaurhari, is this then not a first class display of mistrust in Doyal Nitai and a severe offense at His lotus feet?

Even Rupa Goswami first took darshan of Nitai’s lotus feet before meeting Gauranga with his brother Anupama. Jiva Goswami did not proceed towards Vrindavan even after receiving Gauranga’s orders before begging the blessings of Nitaichandra in Navadvipa first. Why? Was he disobeying the Lord? No. Because he knew that Gauranga’s full mercy and the qualification to enter into Vraja will only come from Nitai.

Raghunath das Goswami tried every possible way to reach Gauranga and run away from his home but was only returned by the Lord several times. Only after Nitai gave His mercy and blessings was it possible. We simply want to follow in Raghunath das Goswami’s footsteps, is that to be considered an offense? Even if it is, since all our mahajanas and whole guru parampara are doing it, I consider it intelligent to follow along.


Sometimes devotees say that they are ready to delay many many lives yet they are not ready to accept this merciful path of Nitaism because apparently it is “offensive”, although this is the safest path of Kaliyuga and fastest way to reach Gaur Radha Krishna in this very lifetime. Although the immediate path to attaining Gaur Radha Krishna is readily available, still they will not accept it- why? Because it is only Nitai! Can this not be considered as neglecting one form of the Supreme Lord? Yet those very devotees accept that Mahaprabhu is the only way of attaining Krishna bhakti Kaliyuga and they are ready to worship Him solely to attain Radha Krishna. Some even worship only Gaur deities. Many devotees in Bengal are one pointed devotees of Gaur and truly believe that they will attain everything through this worship. This is also widely accepted by the whole Gaudiya sampradaya. But as soon as Keval Nitai worship is put forth, there is immediate rejection…even by some Nitai Gaur devotees! Even before attempting to understand the point and philosophy! Does this not show how much our Doyal Nitai is neglected? Does this not show that although we claim to understand that there is no difference between Nitai Gauranga, They are the same body, still how poorly we consider Nitai? How much inferior we consider Him to everyone else. Why? Why? Why? Because He is the only one who is giving us what no other Lord would ever give? Because He is the most merciful Master in this whole creation? Because He is ready to give love even to one who sheds His blood? Or because He is unable to control His love for us regardless of our offenses?

The true golden period of Kaliyuga will never come until Nitaichand is fully accepted by the whole world.


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