🌷 Nitai Prapti Kabe Habe? 🌷

When will my heart become afflicted with acute impatience to attain Nitai Gunamani after hearing about His soul-stirring glories from the lotus mouth of my Gurudev, whose vani is imbued with intense love and hankering for Nitai?

When will the spontaneous attachment of my heart become bound in the nityalilas of Ekachakra Nayak by the shackles of Nitai shravanam? Being overwhelmed by the enchanting features of Sarva Sukhadham Nitaichandra and His pastimes, I will weep constantly falling at the lotus feet of my Spiritual Master.

When by the grace of param doyalu Sri Guruvarg and Nitai’s associates, will my natural disposition towards Sri Jahnava Vallabha awaken?

When will intense and unflinching loving attachment (rati) arise in my heart for Avadhuta Shiromani? Heno avatare jara rati na janmilo, lochan bole sei papi elo aar gelo!

The most fallen wretch,
Nitaisevika dasi


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