Nitai Pays Attention to Every Desire 

🌸 There are many desires we have which are often so subtle that we ourselves are not fully aware of their presence in our hearts, or we simply neglect or ignore these desires by suppressing them. Nitai fulfills even these tiniest and most insignificant desires of ours which we ourselves may have not known existed within us all along! Nitai finds all His pleasure in fulfilling all the hankerings of His devotees, even the smallest of the smallest desires. Nitai becomes so absorbed in this task of bringing pleasure to His devotees that He forgets even Himself…He becomes totally lost in granting the wishes of His dear ones.

Nitai doesn’t let go of any desire we have. As long as He sees that it will not cause us any harm and is beneficial for us, He grants every desire immediately. Nitai does not do this out of obligation because we are in His shelter, no. He does it out of love! Immense love. Like the love of an affectionate and doting father, who wants nothing but the happiness of his child…and to ensure that…fulfills every small desire his child has or could ever have. Nitai loves spoiling us! 😉😇

Joy Nitaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!


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