Miracle: Nitai Gets Us the House

Nitai! About 2 and half years ago a very big miracle happened to our family which although may seem very materialistic, played a huge role in my life, as it finally opened up my parent’s eyes to see the potency of my Master, Sri Nitai.

I promised to Nitai that I would surely write about it in order to loudly proclaim His glories, and being the fallen wretch I am…I have delayed that promise for a very long time. I am already ashamed before my Nitaichand that although He has done such a humongous favor on this poor soul, by allowing my parents to see His generous nature, out of my lethargy I still shy away from openly glorifying Him. But He is still such a merciful Lord that He doesn’t punish me for this heinous act nor takes His gifts away seeing that I have no value for them, He just goes on giving and giving. Through some arrangement, I have suddenly remembered that old promise now…and therefore will not delay any longer.

This miracle happened during a time when many big and small incidents were taking place, convincing my family members about something I had been telling them for a long time – Nitai is always there for us, looking after every small need and fulfilling even the smallest desires. This particular incident however had a profound effect in convincing them.

3 years ago, as the prices of houses in Toronto were drastically increasing, my parents became more and more eager to secure some land soon. They had sold our previous house and we had moved to a condo because of how difficult it would be for me to travel to my new high school every day. However, despite continuous searching, they had no luck in finding any satisfactory houses. Seeing their anxiety, I thought it was a good time to recommend seeking Nitai’s mercy to them…as the advice would be considered more seriousness and sincerity at the time of need. My mother started offering prayers daily to Nitai and sang His holy name whenever she could. Within 2 days, my dad received a phone call from his real estate agent who had just seen a house on sale and thought it was just what we were looking for. And truly so it was, everyone agreed after seeing it that it was the perfect match. It was a miracle that such a house was even available during this time.

The owner however denied the offer, much to our dismay. At the last moment she started reconsidering of whether or not she really wanted to sell the house. I consoled my mother that whatever Nitai does is for the best and she should not become discouraged.
Soon after, Nitai did another miracle. Just a day later the owner called back to say that she was willing to sell the house for almost a thousand less than the price we had asked. The price my parents had asked for was already lower than original price set down by the owner. Somehow, even after deciding that she wouldn’t sell the house…she called back to give it to us for even less! Our agent was also astonished and kept saying that he has no idea how she had such a change of mind or what caused it, since just a day before she seemed thoroughly determined to not sell the house…and would not budge even when he or her son tried convincing her for hours.

The next two months however were really tough because all the banks kept refusing to give mortgage due to some issues. My father had some joint properties with my cousin, which was turning out to be a problem. It was a really stressful period for my father as he would be running back and forth almost every day, searching for old papers…giving them to the back, then returning to find something else. There was an uncertainty of everything…it seemed like it may not work out at the end. The part which was most distressing for my parents was that if the mortgage could not be arranged during the fixed amount of time, they would lose the 20 thousand down payment and have to pay an extra fine. The only option left now was this last bank, and chances were high that it would be a refusal from them too. Time was running out, and so was all hope.

The conditions in our house deteriorated to the extent that neither my mother or father were eating or sleeping properly, barely talking unless really necessary. And if they did ever speak, it was only about this. Finally only one bank was left to approach, all others had flatly refused. The atmosphere in the house was getting worse and worse. I had never seen my parents so tensed before. Somehow I had a nudge from inside, something conveying to me from within…that this was the moment to push them towards Nitai…it was the right time to showcase Nitai’s mercy.

This was an opportunity to show that when all other options are closed, when you have tried to every single possibility and failed, when no other resort remains, when everything is HOPELESS…at that time the only one who comes to the rescue is our NITYANANDA RAM! This was a time of extreme crisis for my family, however all of a sudden I couldnt help but feel excited. I don’t know why I felt that way, but something was telling me that situations were probably so bad…so that everyone could witness how Nitai turns things around.

This was the best time and opportunity to show my family (who are not so inclined to devotional service) who my Nitai really is, so that no one could ever underestimate my Lord or question His potency ever again. For me, the bigger the crisis, the better…that only means that my Nitai’s miracles will shine even more gloriously. The more you put gold in the fire, the more it shines brightly. So without thinking any further I folded my hands and prayed to the ultimate savior,

“He Nitai, You make me live in the shacks or mansion, I do not care…simply give me a chance to show the whole world Your unimaginable glories! Let me show everyone who is my Lord, what a super hero I have been worshipping all along! Let me frolick in happiness and raise my head in pride when everyone will see what only and only my Nitai is capable of doing! This is the time for my Prabhu to shine effulgently before everyone. Please don’t let go of this chance my Lord, please just show everyone Your potency once and for all so that they never question it again. My ears are hankering to hear everyone shout JOY NITAI after hearing the good news in astonishment of how this is possible.”

Nothing is more pleasing to me then seeing someone’s faith and love increase in Nitai. I am ready to do endure any amount of suffering to see that happen. When someone gets amazed at Nitai’s mercy and starts telling about Nitai’s unbelievably miraculous deeds, my heart feels a tickling sensation and like its swelling up with pride.

My mother soon started doing Nitai Vayulekhan, and took up chanting Nitai’s holy name regularly. Only after the first night of trying it, she told me the next morning that last night she happened to have the soundest sleep she had had in the last two months. For the past two months her sleeping patterns were so disturbed, she was suffering from insomnia and you could clearly see the dark circles around her eyes. I was shocked myself to see her the next morning so fresh and enlivened. Even my father started intently praying to Nitai.

The next day, my father called from work to tell us that the bank had agreed! And moreover it was a better deal than what we could ask for. My mother’s first reaction was to scream “Joy Nitaiiii!!!!!!”

When my father finally spoke to me on the phone, he said.. “Your Nitai has finally done it!” I could hear the relief and jubilation in his voice. Then he said, “Tell Him that we are all very grateful and he has saved me from very great trouble that I cannot thank Him enough for. It was a matter of reputation too. Nitai saved everything at the end.”

For the next few days, my parents took every opportunity to recall how Nitai had worked everything out. At those moments it felt like I couldn’t have felt better. I remembered Srila Gurudev’s words that Nitai does not hesitate in even fulfilling material desires in order to attract one to devotional service and take them to Krishna. He does whatever He can to conquer the heart of fallen souls. I can only hope that His next miracle will be to free me soon and allow me to serve Him fully in His prachar.

Joy Nitai!!!!
Nitaisevika dasi


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