Nitai’s Glance Impregnates One with Prema!

nityananda-rupa yena madana samana
dighala nayana bhana prasanna bayana

“Lord Nityanandaโ€™s form is glorious like Kamadeva. His eyes and eyebrows are large. His lotus face is cheerful.”


๐ŸŒท Oh Providence, what a tremendous assurance and sigh of relief in our distressed and hopeless state to know that our beloved Nityananda Prabhu gives away prema, pure love, to one and all without any considerations simply by glancing at them- regardless of whether they even desire it or not! The divine transmission of empowering mercy via the kripa-kataksh of Nitai is unstoppable by all means.

Das narhari gati Vasu Jahnava’r pati, jare taare prema bilaila! Narahari Thakur guarantees that Nitai gives away prema to anyone and everyone- jare tare!

In Raghava Pandit’s grihamandir, during the tumultuous Kirtan which took place by the influence of Nitai’s mercy, devotees became overly inundated with prema simply due to Nitai’s maddening glance, to the extent of total self-forgetfulness. They acted just like madmen, unaware of their present condition or surroundings.

Where ever Nitai glanced with His mada ghurnita lochana, His intoxicated lotus eyes appeared to shoot out a deluge of compassion and love, compelling the devotees to uncontrollably sway away in the tides of endless bliss and prema. The moment Nitai glanced at an individual, time seemed to come to a halt for eternity.

They became so lovesick due to being struck by Nitai’s loving glance that they could not even speak or come back to their normal senses for three continuous months!

Some danced like a mad elephant causing the earth to shake, some uprooted trees, some rolled helplessly on the ground, others stood paralysed by prema, while others mumbled a few words like a mad man and could do nothing else. Again others brought down a flood with the tears cascading down their eyes, while some leaped into the air and fell drastically to the ground without any sign of concern.

Some appeared mad on the outside, and others went mad inside! Keho ba mathe mane mane. All this madness simply due to the maddening glance of one mad personality!

Vrindavan das Thakur spends a whole chapter just describing the stupefying influence of Nitai’s enchanting and captivating glance, which makes everyone lose all control of themselves. At the end He confesses however that He is incapable of properly describing the pastimes of all the miraculous transformation which were caused by Nitai’s glance. Even Anantadeva Himself is not adept in doing so with the assistance of His thousands of mouthes! What capability do we have to even imagine the flabbergasting influence of that divine glance?!

This fallen soul’s hope against all hope is that Nitai bestows this same glance on whoever comes before Him, irrespective of even their foolish resistance to accept it! By doing Nitai Vayulekhan, which is the pinnacle of causeless mercy, one day I will certainly be graced with the intoxicating glance of Karunasindhu Nitai Gunamani, thus becoming impregnated with Gaur Krishna prema- this is my only solace in the darkness of material existence.

May Nitai’s kripa kataksh drive us all mad in love for Him, just as He is mad for Gaur Govinda!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi



    • Hehehe, Nitai Nitai Nitaaaaiiiii!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜Please cast Your merciful glance upon us dear Lord! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ I pray that Nitaichand continues to shower His mercy on you profusely dear mataji so that you can drown more and more in His bhakti. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


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