Abode of Motherly Affection ~ Sri Jahnava

A mother’s love is incomparable in the three worlds. It is complete self abnegation love, so pure and selfless. A mother gives away everything beginning from herself for her child.

All glories to Shri Jahnava Ishvari, who is the source of this material love and affection. Indeed the qualities of motherly affection which we see in this material world is only a semblance of Her pure love.

The foremost quality of any mother is that She must be approachable to the child…in any circumstance, in any situation… with reason or without reason the child should be able to run to the mother and lay their head on her lap. In any situation, the mother is the first person the child wants to run to or remember. Radharani is also our mother, but Her sister who is completely nondifferent from Herself and actually even more merciful and karunamayi is more approachable for all souls. And in truth Yugal Kishor (Radha Krishna) can only be properly appreciated when we have adequately honoured Yugal Murti (Jahnava Nitai). Just like Nitai cares for us like a doting father, Jahnava devi cuddles fallen souls like us in Her blanket of pure motherly affection. Where else will we find such love?!

There is a reason that Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur composed bhavarnave pade mor, where it is lucidly described…while displaying our pitiful condition that Jahnava devi is our only hope to rescued from this deadly ocean of material existence. Such a song has not been written for any other shakti swarupa of any other Lord. Only for Nityananda Shakti. Of course, this is no cause of astonishment. Only Nityananda Shakti could possess the necessary compassion and mercy needed to envelope abominably fallen souls in the cooling shade of Her lotus feet.

ogo sri jahnava devi! e dase koruna
koro’ aji nija-gune, ghucao jantrana

tomar carana-tari koriya asroy
bhavarnava par ha’ba korechi niscoy

tumi nityananda-sakti krsna-bhakti-guru
e dase koroho dana pada-kalpa-taru

(6) Oh most revered Jahnava Devi! Please show mercy to this servant today by virtue of your own good qualities, and kindly relieve all of his afflictions.

(7) By taking the shelter of the boat of Your lotus feet I will certainly be able to cross over this vast ocean of material existence.

(8) You are the very pleasure potency of Lord Nityananda, and you are the spiritual master of devotion to Lord Krsna. Kindly bestow upon this servant the wish-fulfilling desire tree of your lotus feet.

Let us tightly grasp onto these pada kalpataru which are our ultimate shelter in life and death if we want to hop onto the boat of Nitai bhakti! How is this possible? Via Nitai Vayulekhan! Jahnava devi is directly present within Namakshars of Her Praneshwar’s holy name. Indeed how can Nitai Nam Prabhu be complete without His shakti? Just like we get the rare chance to pull on Nitai’s nilambar dhoti while imploring Him to take us as His during Vayulekhan (Nitaipreshthji revealed this), we also become blessed with the extremely extremely rare chance to touch the dust of Jahnava Devi’s Lotus feet and mentally offer this prayer of Thakur Bhaktivinoda to Her. Jahnava Mata is really confidential, but Vayulekhan is so merciful…it freely blesses one with the benediction of Her association! And since we are writing Her Jivana Dhana’s name, which is the most pleasing to Her in the three worlds, She is a lot more likely to rapidly fully give away Her topmost mercy. Joy Jahnava Nitai!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi


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