Always Call Out to Jahnava Devi

🌸 Whenever there is some Nitai bhakti dilemma or crisis, immediately call out to Jahnava Devi! You can place all your faith in Her without a single speck of doubt that She will immediately come to your aid without any consideration of time and circumstances.
Even when the matter is absolutely hopeless and there seems to be no way left, you will be astonished how Jahnava Mata miraculously resolves the issue immediately. She is like the mother who comes running after the child just by receiving a small hint that her child is in trouble.

One who sincerely prays to Jahnava Devi never falls weak in Nitai bhakti! Maya’s attacks become only a myth.

We have no qualities. We have no qualifications. We are being tormented, tortured and harassed by the illusory energy Maya at every moment. There is no limit or boundaries to our miseries, nor are there any words sufficient to describe our pitiable condition. Our personal strength is exhausted and efforts to overcome this misery have failed. We want to come out of Maya and engage in spiritual activities, but we are strongly bound. One thing is for sure, with our own efforts it is impossible to transcend. What then is our hope to cross this ocean of material nescience?

Ogo Sri Jahnava Devi
E dase karuna
Koro aji nija gune ghuchao jontrona

Jahnava Devi, Sri Nityananda Shakti and the mother of bhakti, She is our only hope! But wait, why should She bestow Her mercy upon us? What qualification do we have – nothing. Koro aji nija gune, She does not wait to see our qualifications…She delivers us on the strength of Her own qualities. We are adham but She is maha uttam, and Her divine qualities and compassion very strongly overpower our fallen-ness. Our fallen nature stands nowhere in competition with Her compassion. Ghuchao jontrona, only She is capable of mitigating our pain and miseries. She relieves us from our painful condition without any cause. Bhaktivinoda Thakura always begs Her shelter.

She is Nitai’s mercy, love, compassion and all His qualities personified. Who can surpass Her level of bestowing mercy.

Joy Jahnava Devi!

🌷Prayer at the lotus feet of Jahnava Mata that She will light up the intense fire of Nitai prem in our hearts and then allow those flames to consume us fully.


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