Jahnava Devi Is Eager to Help Us Serve Nitai

🌹Jahnava Mata is always so eager to help us in our attempts to serve Doyal Nitai! If we seek Her mercy before rendering any form of service to Nitai, it is sure to be extraordinary and successful.

🌸 Jahnava Devi will never let us down whenever we are in a Nitai Bhakti dilemma or crisis and desperately need someone to rescue us or show us the path.

🌺Ha Jahnava Thakurani! He Nityananda Priya! You are the ray of light, the everlasting hope which continues to shine through even in the darkest times of my consciousness. How can this be astonishing…after all…You are Nitai Shakti!!! The Divine energy of Nityananda Prabhu. Can only repeat the prayer of Your dearmost servant Kamala Manjari (Bhaktivinoda Thakur) and plead for Your mercy,

tumi nityananda-sakti krsna-bhakti-guru
e dase koroho dana pada-kalpa-taru

kota kota pamarere ko’recho uddhar
tomar carane aj e kangal char

“You are the very pleasure potency of Lord Nityananda, and you are the spiritual master of devotion to Lord Krsna. Kindly bestow upon this servant the wish-fulfilling desire tree of your lotus feet.”

“Thus this most wretched and shameful rogue begs at your feet today, for he sees that you are delivering many other sinners.”

🌷A single day gone by without remembering or singing the names of Nitai’s associates is a day gone to utter waste. After all, who else but Nitai parshad gana and Sri Jahnava Ishvari bestow the madness to execute Nitai’s service to one and all?

🌹Prayer at the lotus feet of Jahnava Mata that She will light up the intense fire of Nitai prem in our hearts and then allow those flames to consume us fully.

Nitaisevika dasi


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