Jahnava Mata’s Sacrifice for the Deliverance of Fallen Souls

Just like Nitai is extraordinary among all forms of Godhead, Srimati Jahnava Thakurani is also exceptional among the potencies of the Supreme. Nitaichand is Her life breath. Jahnavi Jivita Patih. She survives only by beholding His lotus feet. One cannot imagine the pain She endures even in a moment of separation from Him.

She fainted in Suryadas Sarakhela’s angan and went into Maha samadhi just by overhearing that Her father had turned Nitai away when He asked for Her hand in marriage (just for sake of pastimes).

Even though She was fully aware that Their reunion is ultimately inevitable, even the thought of being separated from Her Prananath for the time being was intolerable. She was only moments away from taking Her last breath when Nitai was suddenly brought back to the courtyard by Suryadas and Gauridas, and the fragrance of His divine body entered into Her nose. Only the presence of Her Lord could revive Her once again.

When Nitai disappeared the first time, Jahnava Mata’s piteous cries compelled Him to come back. With how much separation must one call to force even the Supreme Lord to reappear?!

This is the same Jahnava Mata who continued to live in this material world even after Nitai’s disappearance just to deliver the fallen souls!!! The one for whom even the thought of being separated from Her Master means death, She willingly endured the excruciating pangs of viraha from Him just to preach for the deliverance of Kaliyuga souls and push Mahaprabhu’s Sankirtan Movement forward. We owe so much to Jahnava Devi. After all, as Bhaktivinoda Thakur says, She is Krishna bhakti Guru.

Jahnava Ishvari was the one who took charge, on the order of Nityananda Prabhu, to protect the Gaudiya teachings and guide all the Vaishnavas. This is the greatest expression of Her benevolence and mercy. No other Shakti of the Supreme Lord ever undertook such a grave responsibility, or shall I say penance. The reason is that the waves of vipralamba bhava are too violent to overcome. Even Gadadhar Pandit, who is Radharani, disappeared shortly after Gauranga’s disappearance.

Vishnupriya Devi Herself, although an ocean of mercy, would barely ever give darshan. She would always stay in Her inner quarters and meditate on the lotus feet of Prabhu Vishwambhar, while chanting the holy names. Due to the unbearable pain of separation from Gauranga Mahaprabhu, She was not in the state to give audience to anyone.

Jahnava devi remained even after many of the Gaurparshadas had disappeared. She drank only milk and took nothing else. Srinivas, Narottam and Shyamananda Thakur were the ones who were to distribute the mercy of the six Goswamis. She stayed back to personally guide Them. It was by Her mercy that Nitai Gaur and all Their associates reappeared in the Kheturi Kirtan.

Jahnava Mata’s role and contribution to Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s movement is of topmost significance and definitely revolutionary. Nityananda Shakti ki jay!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi


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