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Glories of Vrindavan Das Thakur

🌷 All glories to the Vyasa of Gauranga lila – the topmost pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Lord Nityananda Prabhu is the treasurer of Gaur Tattva, which is the most rare and hidden of all, and He first allowed this Ganga of Gaur lila to flow in this universe through the pen of Vrindavan das Thakur! Srila Krishna das Kaviraj Goswami glorifies Vrindavan das Thakur as follows in Caitanya Charitamrita,

bhāgavate kṛṣṇa-līlā varṇilā vedavyāsa
caitanya-līlāte vyāsa — vṛndāvana dāsa

Śrīla Vyāsadeva described the pastimes of Kṛṣṇa in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. The Vyāsa of the pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu was Vṛndāvana dāsa.

Gaurangera madhur lila janra karne praveshila
hridaya nirmala bhelo taar

Anyone who hears Gaur lila, their hearts automatically start melting in prema. This Gaur lila was first revealed to the world by Vrindavan das Thakur on the order of Lord Nityananda.

🌷 The most attractive quality of Vrindavan das Thakur is that He sees every single pastime of Gauranga Raya only in connection to Nitaichandra! He prays to be present in the pastimes of Gaurhari where His Master Nitai is also present serving. Even while describing Gauranga’s glories, He dives deep to acknowledge that all this is coming only from the ultimate source of all Gaur tattva: Nitai. And He doesn’t just stop there, He then glorifies Nitai as the topmost glorifier of Gaur’s glories. Vrindavan das Thakur is the highest example of what it means to worship Gaur via the mercy of Nitai! He is the staunchest Nitai Premi who proves all the accusations of Nitaibhakts not worshipping or loving Gaur as nothing but horrendous falsities. Vrindavan das Thakur shows by His own unparalleled example of how one can please Gaur to the greatest extent and be the dearest to Nitai by having one-pointed, mad attachment for Nitai!!!

Indeed He shows by His own example of always aspiring for Nitai’s service even in Gaura lila…how devoted one should be to the service of their spiritual master even after attaining Krishna. The level of gratitude we should have for Guru Tattva is shown by Vrindavan das Thakur.

🌷 Vrindavan has Nitai’s lotus feet firmly imprinted within His heart. Nitai is always resting there. Since He possesses the wealth of having Nitai’s lotus feet to Himself, He can easily bestow this benediction to others and He does so most happily. At the end of Nityanandashtakam, Vrindavan das Thakur blesses everyone that whoever reads these verses in glorification of Nitaichandra will have Nitai’s lotus feet imprinted within their heart eternally!

🌷 Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur mentioned about Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat that it is pure suddha bhakti grantha. Pure suddha bhakti -completely causeless mercy, 100% unconditional mercy, without any dependence on reason. Just like water of Ganga devi flows from up to down…Chaitanya Bhagavat is just condensed cream of kripa siddhi pouring down. Chaitanya Charitamrita is PhD and often too esoteric even for exalted souls, but Chaitanya Bhagavat makes even the most wretched fools into Maha Bhagavats within no time. Everything is contained within it, nothing is missing. This divine literature is Nitai’s mercy in grantha form. Just like Nitai takes us to Gaur Radha Krishna, Chaitanya Bhagavat makes us qualified to understand mysteries of Chaitanya Charitamrita and other exalted granthas like Govinda Lilamrita.

The flow of mercy increases as we go down, just as the force of water in a waterfall is the greatest at the bottom. Vrindavan Das Thakur was the last disciple of Nityananda Prabhu, so He is undoubtedly the most merciful of Nitai’s associates. His intoxication for Nitai’s pastimes has no beginning or end.

Jay Vrindavan das Thakur!

🌷 Vrindavan das Thakur is always busy serving Nitai in the nitya lila of Nitai’s pastimes. He is writing not only from theoretical knowledge, but from personal experience also. All His descriptions (like Nitai’s beauty before the abhishekh at Raghav Pandit’s house) are inspired from what He is actually seeing. The Ekachakra pastimes in particular, which are explained so extensively in the beginning chapters, are very near to Him because He is personally present in those lilas assisting as Nitai’s sakha.

🌷 Vrindavan das Thakur is so mad to hear Nitai’s glorifications, that He blesses anyone who somehow engages in spreading Nitai’s glories in full abundance. Whoever spreads Nitai’s glories becomes the dearest to Vrindavan das Thakur. Vrindavan das Thakur is present wherever Nitai’s glories are being sung, and because Nitai Gaur are His jaan (like He proclaims at the end of every chapter He writes)…They must also appear where ever Vrindavan das Thakur appears. Just as Hanuman always comes whenever he hears anyone taking Ram’s name or singing His glories and happily sits down to listen, Vrindavan das Thakur- the greatest servant of Nitai, can’t hold himself from coming wherever Nitai’s glories are being propagated. He rejoices in trance, absorbing the nectar of His master’s glories. Actually Vrindavan das Thakur’s Nitaimoy presence, which is the greatest boon for Nitai Bhakti, is what empowers the Nitai Prachaar in the first place.

Without His mercy, it is not possible to glorify Nitaichandra. But Vrindavan das Thakur is such a height of humility that He considers Himself the menial servant of the servant of anyone who has slight faith in Nitai’s lotus feet, even though He Himself is the joyful granter of that rarest Nitai pada padme sraddha! Nitai charane je kore ash, vrindavan taar dasera das!

🌷 Vrindavan das Thakur possesses unlimited strength to distribute Nitai prem. Just by taking His name, Nitai is purchased. We are all eternally in debt to Him, because the ambrosial of Nitai Nam, which is the greatest secret of all secrets to attaining Goloka and Radha Krishna, was revealed by Him. Nitai always wants His pure devotees to be glorified even more than Him, so He illuminated the hidden glories of His own holy name through the lotus mouth of Vrindavan das Thakur! Now to adequately spread Nitai’s name all over the world, we require the blessings and empowerment of Nitai Nam Prakashak Vrindavan das Thakur!

Vrindavana das kripa koro more Prabhu!
Nitaisevika dasi 🙏🙏🙏

Nitai’s Glance Impregnates One with Prema!

nityananda-rupa yena madana samana
dighala nayana bhana prasanna bayana

“Lord Nityananda’s form is glorious like Kamadeva. His eyes and eyebrows are large. His lotus face is cheerful.”


🌷 Oh Providence, what a tremendous assurance and sigh of relief in our distressed and hopeless state to know that our beloved Nityananda Prabhu gives away prema, pure love, to one and all without any considerations simply by glancing at them- regardless of whether they even desire it or not! The divine transmission of empowering mercy via the kripa-kataksh of Nitai is unstoppable by all means.

Das narhari gati Vasu Jahnava’r pati, jare taare prema bilaila! Narahari Thakur guarantees that Nitai gives away prema to anyone and everyone- jare tare!

In Raghava Pandit’s grihamandir, during the tumultuous Kirtan which took place by the influence of Nitai’s mercy, devotees became overly inundated with prema simply due to Nitai’s maddening glance, to the extent of total self-forgetfulness. They acted just like madmen, unaware of their present condition or surroundings.

Where ever Nitai glanced with His mada ghurnita lochana, His intoxicated lotus eyes appeared to shoot out a deluge of compassion and love, compelling the devotees to uncontrollably sway away in the tides of endless bliss and prema. The moment Nitai glanced at an individual, time seemed to come to a halt for eternity.

They became so lovesick due to being struck by Nitai’s loving glance that they could not even speak or come back to their normal senses for three continuous months!

Some danced like a mad elephant causing the earth to shake, some uprooted trees, some rolled helplessly on the ground, others stood paralysed by prema, while others mumbled a few words like a mad man and could do nothing else. Again others brought down a flood with the tears cascading down their eyes, while some leaped into the air and fell drastically to the ground without any sign of concern.

Some appeared mad on the outside, and others went mad inside! Keho ba mathe mane mane. All this madness simply due to the maddening glance of one mad personality!

Vrindavan das Thakur spends a whole chapter just describing the stupefying influence of Nitai’s enchanting and captivating glance, which makes everyone lose all control of themselves. At the end He confesses however that He is incapable of properly describing the pastimes of all the miraculous transformation which were caused by Nitai’s glance. Even Anantadeva Himself is not adept in doing so with the assistance of His thousands of mouthes! What capability do we have to even imagine the flabbergasting influence of that divine glance?!

This fallen soul’s hope against all hope is that Nitai bestows this same glance on whoever comes before Him, irrespective of even their foolish resistance to accept it! By doing Nitai Vayulekhan, which is the pinnacle of causeless mercy, one day I will certainly be graced with the intoxicating glance of Karunasindhu Nitai Gunamani, thus becoming impregnated with Gaur Krishna prema- this is my only solace in the darkness of material existence.

May Nitai’s kripa kataksh drive us all mad in love for Him, just as He is mad for Gaur Govinda!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

Miracle: Nitai Gets Us the House

Nitai! About 2 and half years ago a very big miracle happened to our family which although may seem very materialistic, played a huge role in my life, as it finally opened up my parent’s eyes to see the potency of my Master, Sri Nitai.

I promised to Nitai that I would surely write about it in order to loudly proclaim His glories, and being the fallen wretch I am…I have delayed that promise for a very long time. I am already ashamed before my Nitaichand that although He has done such a humongous favor on this poor soul, by allowing my parents to see His generous nature, out of my lethargy I still shy away from openly glorifying Him. But He is still such a merciful Lord that He doesn’t punish me for this heinous act nor takes His gifts away seeing that I have no value for them, He just goes on giving and giving. Through some arrangement, I have suddenly remembered that old promise now…and therefore will not delay any longer.

This miracle happened during a time when many big and small incidents were taking place, convincing my family members about something I had been telling them for a long time – Nitai is always there for us, looking after every small need and fulfilling even the smallest desires. This particular incident however had a profound effect in convincing them.

3 years ago, as the prices of houses in Toronto were drastically increasing, my parents became more and more eager to secure some land soon. They had sold our previous house and we had moved to a condo because of how difficult it would be for me to travel to my new high school every day. However, despite continuous searching, they had no luck in finding any satisfactory houses. Seeing their anxiety, I thought it was a good time to recommend seeking Nitai’s mercy to them…as the advice would be considered more seriousness and sincerity at the time of need. My mother started offering prayers daily to Nitai and sang His holy name whenever she could. Within 2 days, my dad received a phone call from his real estate agent who had just seen a house on sale and thought it was just what we were looking for. And truly so it was, everyone agreed after seeing it that it was the perfect match. It was a miracle that such a house was even available during this time.

The owner however denied the offer, much to our dismay. At the last moment she started reconsidering of whether or not she really wanted to sell the house. I consoled my mother that whatever Nitai does is for the best and she should not become discouraged.
Soon after, Nitai did another miracle. Just a day later the owner called back to say that she was willing to sell the house for almost a thousand less than the price we had asked. The price my parents had asked for was already lower than original price set down by the owner. Somehow, even after deciding that she wouldn’t sell the house…she called back to give it to us for even less! Our agent was also astonished and kept saying that he has no idea how she had such a change of mind or what caused it, since just a day before she seemed thoroughly determined to not sell the house…and would not budge even when he or her son tried convincing her for hours.

The next two months however were really tough because all the banks kept refusing to give mortgage due to some issues. My father had some joint properties with my cousin, which was turning out to be a problem. It was a really stressful period for my father as he would be running back and forth almost every day, searching for old papers…giving them to the back, then returning to find something else. There was an uncertainty of everything…it seemed like it may not work out at the end. The part which was most distressing for my parents was that if the mortgage could not be arranged during the fixed amount of time, they would lose the 20 thousand down payment and have to pay an extra fine. The only option left now was this last bank, and chances were high that it would be a refusal from them too. Time was running out, and so was all hope.

The conditions in our house deteriorated to the extent that neither my mother or father were eating or sleeping properly, barely talking unless really necessary. And if they did ever speak, it was only about this. Finally only one bank was left to approach, all others had flatly refused. The atmosphere in the house was getting worse and worse. I had never seen my parents so tensed before. Somehow I had a nudge from inside, something conveying to me from within…that this was the moment to push them towards Nitai…it was the right time to showcase Nitai’s mercy.

This was an opportunity to show that when all other options are closed, when you have tried to every single possibility and failed, when no other resort remains, when everything is HOPELESS…at that time the only one who comes to the rescue is our NITYANANDA RAM! This was a time of extreme crisis for my family, however all of a sudden I couldnt help but feel excited. I don’t know why I felt that way, but something was telling me that situations were probably so bad…so that everyone could witness how Nitai turns things around.

This was the best time and opportunity to show my family (who are not so inclined to devotional service) who my Nitai really is, so that no one could ever underestimate my Lord or question His potency ever again. For me, the bigger the crisis, the better…that only means that my Nitai’s miracles will shine even more gloriously. The more you put gold in the fire, the more it shines brightly. So without thinking any further I folded my hands and prayed to the ultimate savior,

“He Nitai, You make me live in the shacks or mansion, I do not care…simply give me a chance to show the whole world Your unimaginable glories! Let me show everyone who is my Lord, what a super hero I have been worshipping all along! Let me frolick in happiness and raise my head in pride when everyone will see what only and only my Nitai is capable of doing! This is the time for my Prabhu to shine effulgently before everyone. Please don’t let go of this chance my Lord, please just show everyone Your potency once and for all so that they never question it again. My ears are hankering to hear everyone shout JOY NITAI after hearing the good news in astonishment of how this is possible.”

Nothing is more pleasing to me then seeing someone’s faith and love increase in Nitai. I am ready to do endure any amount of suffering to see that happen. When someone gets amazed at Nitai’s mercy and starts telling about Nitai’s unbelievably miraculous deeds, my heart feels a tickling sensation and like its swelling up with pride.

My mother soon started doing Nitai Vayulekhan, and took up chanting Nitai’s holy name regularly. Only after the first night of trying it, she told me the next morning that last night she happened to have the soundest sleep she had had in the last two months. For the past two months her sleeping patterns were so disturbed, she was suffering from insomnia and you could clearly see the dark circles around her eyes. I was shocked myself to see her the next morning so fresh and enlivened. Even my father started intently praying to Nitai.

The next day, my father called from work to tell us that the bank had agreed! And moreover it was a better deal than what we could ask for. My mother’s first reaction was to scream “Joy Nitaiiii!!!!!!”

When my father finally spoke to me on the phone, he said.. “Your Nitai has finally done it!” I could hear the relief and jubilation in his voice. Then he said, “Tell Him that we are all very grateful and he has saved me from very great trouble that I cannot thank Him enough for. It was a matter of reputation too. Nitai saved everything at the end.”

For the next few days, my parents took every opportunity to recall how Nitai had worked everything out. At those moments it felt like I couldn’t have felt better. I remembered Srila Gurudev’s words that Nitai does not hesitate in even fulfilling material desires in order to attract one to devotional service and take them to Krishna. He does whatever He can to conquer the heart of fallen souls. I can only hope that His next miracle will be to free me soon and allow me to serve Him fully in His prachar.

Joy Nitai!!!!
Nitaisevika dasi

Service To Hari Guru & Vaishnavas By Nitai’s Grace

Service on the devotional platform descends from above, as a sign of special mercy. Krishna allows us to do favorable services for Hari, Guru and vaishnavas when He is pleased with our strong determination and staunch desire to render that service. Enthusiasm is the life of service. Enthusiasm is the requirement and qualification to render service. Unless we have “utsaha” in the services we are executing in our devotional life, Krishna does not grace us by granting further opportunities of rendering favorable service. This service does not come so cheaply and should never be taken lightly.

However one thing I have noticed with our Nitaichand is that whenever we are going through a very low, depressive state in bhakti, when we have practically no source of any motivation at all to do anything, Nitai showers us with even more service to pull us back up! Even though at that point of time we ourselves are reluctant to accept that opportunity of service because of our total lack of enthusiasm, Nitai still pushes us into it for the sake of our own ultimate benefit. He is like the doctor who forcibly feeds the patient medicine. For Nitai, there is no prerequisite of enthusiasm required to qualify to render service. Nitai facilitates us with the opportunity to serve Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas at all times being compassionate upon our fallen state and knowing that this is the only remedy for our material disease.

Nitaibhakt ganer kripa prarthi,
Nitaisevika dasi

Nitai Pays Attention to Every Desire 

🌸 There are many desires we have which are often so subtle that we ourselves are not fully aware of their presence in our hearts, or we simply neglect or ignore these desires by suppressing them. Nitai fulfills even these tiniest and most insignificant desires of ours which we ourselves may have not known existed within us all along! Nitai finds all His pleasure in fulfilling all the hankerings of His devotees, even the smallest of the smallest desires. Nitai becomes so absorbed in this task of bringing pleasure to His devotees that He forgets even Himself…He becomes totally lost in granting the wishes of His dear ones.

Nitai doesn’t let go of any desire we have. As long as He sees that it will not cause us any harm and is beneficial for us, He grants every desire immediately. Nitai does not do this out of obligation because we are in His shelter, no. He does it out of love! Immense love. Like the love of an affectionate and doting father, who wants nothing but the happiness of his child…and to ensure that…fulfills every small desire his child has or could ever have. Nitai loves spoiling us! 😉😇

Joy Nitaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!

The Praneshwar of Avadhuta Chandra – Sri Gaurhari 


Joy Nitai Gaur!!!!! The day which is most dear to Sri Nityananda Prabhu and all the Vaishnavas has arrived for the deliverance of all living entities. Those who are supremely fortunate can still hear Nitaichand’s maddening roars to welcome His brother, which penetrate through the layers of this universe. Following is a humble effusion for the pleasure of Nitaichandra, an insignificant offering at His lotus feet.
— Sri Sri Nityananda Ramam arpanastu —
Chaitanya-Charitamrita Madhya lila 1.29:
‘chaitanya’ seva, ‘chaitanya’ gao,

lao ‘chaitanya’ nama

‘caitanye’ ye bhakti kare, sei mora prana

Today is a grand opportunity to become more dear to Nitai than His very own life by singing the wonderful virtues, qualities and pastimes of Lord Gauranga sundar, who brought to the whole world which was never ever given before – the rare gift of the most valuable treasure in Goloka, Golokera prema dhana harinama sankirtana. It is this wealth that Prabhu Nitaichandra has taken up the responsibility to distribute to the whole world without any discrimination for the pleasure of His master. Harinama pradam devam Avadhuta shiromanim!

This is the time to welcome that Supreme Lord who is the crest jewel of all His other forms as the Supreme Personality of Godhead–thus Mahaprabhu. Maha- the madanakhya mahabhava of Srimati Radharani which is the highest peak of divine love and the essence of hladini shakti, and Prabhu- referring to Swayam Rasaraj Krishna who is the abode and king of all Rasas. Maha-Prabhu, the unity of Rasaraj-Mahabhava. I offer my unlimited obeisances to that Supreme Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is combined form of ecstatic love and rasa. And the prema of this ecstatic form of Godhead is exactly what our Nityananda Raya is distributing to one and all. One can penetrate into the deepest mysteries of Gauranga’s appearance when one is graced by the merciful glance of Doyal Nitai!

Esho Sankirtana Pita esho esho he! “Oh Father of Sankirtan, please please come!” The only way of deliverance possible in the dark age of Kali is through taking shelter of the holy names. And what is the specialty of this Nam? It is prema nam, it contains all the inexhaustible love which is saturated within His own self. And the form of that holy name is Nitai Himself, sarva mantra swarupascha!
I worship that Gauranga who shines radiantly illuminating the whole creation with His incomparable and all-pervading effulgence! His bright, effulgent form itself speaks of His supreme position and majesty which can never be described otherwise even through the thousands of mouths of Sri Ananta dev. When will we behold such an exquisite form by Nitai’s grace?

I worship that Prema-grahi Janardana Gauranga who’s thirst to relish all the love His devotees have for Him is never quenched! My unlimited obeisances to that Gaurhari, who manifests five mouths when glorifying His devotees who are His life and soul (panchamukhe kore bhakta gunagaan) and who cannot be stopped once He starts glorifying! Hint hint* A reason why He never tires of establishing Nitai’s esoteric glories under any pretext. In the entire Caitanya Bhagavat, most of the super excellent glories of Nitai are spoken from the lotus mouth of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself.

I worship that Natkhat Nimai who’s sweet and playful mischief brings the whole Navadvipa to life! I worship that Sachi Dulal who is the apple of mother Sachi’s eye, and who’s name is Sachinandan, the name which gives pleasure to all His devotees especially Lord Nityananda. 🙂

I worship that Supreme Lord by looking at whose beautiful lotus face which defeats the exquisite beauty of millions of cupids, Mother Sachi sustains her life. I worship that Chaitanya Chandra, by glancing at whose radiant face even the moon god Soma hid his dull face in shame during the time of His appearance thus causing an eclipse. I worship that Gaura Nataraj who’s ecstatic dance is unmatched and cannot even be compared to the rasa dance (since the beauty of Radharani’s graceful nritya and Krishna’s enchanting movements have now combined in one form to increase the beauty manifolds)! I worship that Gauranga Mani, who is the Prananath of Gadadhar Pandit! I honor that Gaurahari who loves Advaita Acharya very dearly and who appeared from Goloka to this material world bound by his cries! I offer my respectful obeisances to that Gauranga who is so attached to Srivas Pandit that He is ready to become even a sweeper in His house out of intense love!

Lastly, I want to offer my obeisances to the Two Divine Brothers together, who are inseparable at all costs. Although utterly unqualified, I shamelessly say the following words anyway trying to follow in the footsteps of the great Acharya Vrindavan das Thakur,

Lord Nityananda is the worshippable Lord of this fallen soul who has no other recourse, and Sri Gaurangachand is the Lord and Master of His life. Thus trying to please both Prabhus, may I always worship Them both!

I worship that Supreme Lord who is the very life breath of Prabhu Nityananda! I worship that Supreme Lord who’s Holy names are dancing constantly on Sri Nityananda’s tongue! I admire the form of that Gaursundar, the elixir of whose beauty Nitai constantly drinks with His lotus eyes! I worship that Supreme Lord who is the be all and end all for His Boro Dadabhai Nitai! I worship that Gauranga Sundar who eternal residence is within Nitaichand’s heart! I worship that Gauranga Sundar who has accepted Nityananda’s divine body as His only residence! I remember that Sweet Lord Gauranga Rasaraj who dwells in the mad ecstasy of Rasakhanda Nityananda Ram! I worship that Gauranga who is always eager to loot all the love Nitai has in His heart–who wants to relish Nitai’s love in every single possible way, in every single rasa, in every single form!

I pray at Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s lotus feet that He may grant this fallen soul the strength and privilege to humbly assist in His mission of spreading Nitai’s name and glories. 🙏

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

🌷 Nitai Prapti Kabe Habe? 🌷

When will my heart become afflicted with acute impatience to attain Nitai Gunamani after hearing about His soul-stirring glories from the lotus mouth of my Gurudev, whose vani is imbued with intense love and hankering for Nitai?

When will the spontaneous attachment of my heart become bound in the nityalilas of Ekachakra Nayak by the shackles of Nitai shravanam? Being overwhelmed by the enchanting features of Sarva Sukhadham Nitaichandra and His pastimes, I will weep constantly falling at the lotus feet of my Spiritual Master.

When by the grace of param doyalu Sri Guruvarg and Nitai’s associates, will my natural disposition towards Sri Jahnava Vallabha awaken?

When will intense and unflinching loving attachment (rati) arise in my heart for Avadhuta Shiromani? Heno avatare jara rati na janmilo, lochan bole sei papi elo aar gelo!

The most fallen wretch,
Nitaisevika dasi