Try to Please Nitai Every day 

🌺A thing I realized today while writing Nitai’s holy name is that instead of just planning about how we can please Nitai via various ways in the future, we should start doing all the little things we can to please Him right now…at this very moment. We will surely do all those other things we want to do for Nitai…when we can, but there’s still so many things we can do now. So better to make a start and get going.

And also, when we put all our focus and energy into doing something for Nitai, even if it’s a small endeavor, Nitai eventually transforms it into something really big. Nitai will give us an opportunity to do something big for Him when He sees how hard we are working on our little initiatives…that we have taken up only for Him.

We need to set big goals, but that also means that we need to give every piece of effort to reach that goal. Every drop adds up to the ocean. Every day we need to work on pleasing Nitai and serving Him, however we are capable. Like the saying goes,

Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab.

Distribute Krishna Bhakti by Distributing Nitainam 

🌷 Remembrance means remembrance of the Lord’s name, form, qualities, pastimes, etc. Nitai is the treasurehouse where these glories of Gauranga Krishna are safely locked. Unless He opens up the treasure box, where is the hope of ever ascending to the terrace of premamayi smaranam bhakti? Nitainam is capable of opening that treasurehouse. Therefore we should wholeheartedly endeavor to distribute this magnanimous name to others, so that they may reap the greatest benefit of obtaining prema and Harinam Ruchi, while ourselves remaining immersed in the bliss of this ‘nitya-anandamay’ Nam. By hook or by crook, if they can somehow get Nitainam, they will surely get Krishna. 
🌷Just give Nitai to others (via Nitainam Lekhan), Nitai will give them the rest. Rest assured that they will surely attain all that is to be attained by Nitai’s grace. To the extent that we have faith in this principle, to that extent we have realized the merciful nature of Nitaichandra.
🌷If you are really desirous of a soul reaching Krishnachandra, be ambitious to give them Nitai’s association. That’s the real way they will attain Krishna without delay. Even if they have no idea who is Nitai, but somehow come in contact with Him through some pretext, Krishna Himself will go on a look out for that soul.

Quintessence of Nitai Prachar

🌸 What is preaching? Preaching is simply the eagerness, the overwhelming enthusiasm, and the uncontrolled desire to speak for Nitai! To deliver Nitai to others! To deliver Nitai’s pure devotee’s vani to others!

It is the restlessness, the ‘vyakulta’, the anxiety to do something for our Masters, Sri Guru and Nitai, right now…at this very moment. It is when our heart begins racing to do something for Guru and Nitai. We begin deeply contemplating on how to extend Their glories. It is when we cry cry cry, bash our heads at our Guruvarga’s and Gaur Krishna’s lotus feet to help and empower us to serve our Gurudev’s mission.

This transcendental anxiety is also the secret of how to always remain submerged in Nitai consciousness. It is the key to our spiritual progress.

This is the life of prachaar. When our desire to fulfill the desire of our Guru and Nitai becomes so strong that this is the only desire which remains, this is yoga (union of desire), this is the essence of prachaar. When our mind and all our thoughts begin reflecting this one task and it becomes the center of our existence.

When walking, talking, eating, sleeping- this is all that is running through our minds.

Prachar is atma pavitrata hetu. It is for our own purification first. It is solely for the pleasure of Guru and Nitai, nothing else. When this one benediction of seeing our Guru Maharaj becoming pleased by our menial services seems to outweigh all the other pleasures of this world.

A preacher is never peaceful or satisfied, they are always restless. Restless to spread Nitai’s glories, restless to glorify Him, restless to see others glorify Him. Working and always thinking like this with all the hours that Nitai has given them IS their only satisfaction.

Prabhupada used to say, “Work now, samadhi later.” He would always tell his disciples that a preacher should never be lazy, they should always be ready to fight for Krishna.
We should always be ready to fight for Nitai.

Anyone who has this enthusiasm and eagerness to spread Nitai’s glories and please their Guru is a preacher. Who says that a preacher must only be someone who is a scholar, can speak eloquently, knows all shastras, etc etc. All these qualities are the byproducts of pleasing one’s Guru and recieving the mercy of Nitai by preaching for Him, not preliminary qualifications.

If Nitai desires, He can impart the knowledge of all scriptures, the inner purports of all our Acharyas’ vani, and all other gyan in a fraction of a second. And He does. We will notice that when we go out to preach for Nitai, all of a sudden Nitai spontaneously begins supplying us with the intelligence of how to properly present His glories. So our only business is to go out there and give our all-and-all to spread Nitai’s glories!

🌸 When we are always anxious of how to serve Nitai and constantly tax our brains of how to spread His glories, Nitai becomes so obliged that He begins contemplating of how to inundate us with insurmountable bliss and take us to the peak of prema bhakti! Even at our tiniest preaching accomplishments, Nitai awards us with sooooo many treats. The treats are much more than even the actual preaching. 😊

In truth however, Nitai is not interested in our success or failures, because everything is happening due to His desire only.
He simply yearns to our eagerness to serve Him and our sincere efforts. He is simply thirsty for our love and wants all of it.
He will do anything for the one who is making even the slightest endeavors to spread His glories.

When we show Him that we are sincere, success automatically follows.

🌸 When Nitai is with us every moment 24 hours a day giving us protection, nourishment, realizations and so many other things we couldn’t even hope for…can’t we at least try to use a little bit of our energy to spread His glories as a small token of gratefulness? Nitai never asks for anything in return of everything He does for us. But if we truly understand how much Nitai is giving us constantly, then all we will want to do is loudly sing Nitai’s glories day and night.

🌸 Every time we hear Nitai’s glories from Nitaipreshthji’s lotus mouth, we should repeat them again and again in our humble way. If you daily speak Nitai’s glories even to the walls, you will be astonished at how Nitai becomes pleased and uses you to reach out to many many souls. Glorifying Nitai is for our own purification first. We should do it simply because we cannot remain without it…because we are compelled by love and admiration for Nitai.

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,

Nitaisevika dasi