Namaiva Kevalam

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🌿Kirtan is the fastest and sure shot way to evoke remembrance of the Lord.

🌿Nitai Gaur are Sankirtan Pita – the fathers of congregational chanting of the holy names. To win Their mercy, Kirtan is absolutely essential

🌿Nitai’s mercy will come flowing to you in the form of His holy name. Have firm faith. His mercy marks the appearance of Suddha Nam (Harinam)

🌿Who’s stopping you from crying out to the holy name compelling the Lord to appear and dance on your tongue as the glorious divine syllables?

🌿Nitai is supremely merciful and independent. He can induce Rasika Shekhar (Krsna Nam) to appear on your tongue at any time by His sweet will

🌿Nitai is so doyal that even if we put some effort & show Him crocodile tears, He’ll flood our eyes with the unstoppable flow of prema-ashru

🌿If u store even a drop of faith in Nitainam aksharas, it’ll produce sudridha nishchay in Harinam bhajan. Sraddha matra loye den param ananda

🌿 To the extent that we have faith that all our requirements (material or spiritual) – are fulfilled by Nam, to that extent we’re a Vaishnava.

🌿To the extent that we lack the faith that Nam Prabhu is our greatest (in fact ONLY) sustainer and provider, to that extent we’re an atheist.

Nitai Vayulekhan Bina Aar Nahi Ashraya!

🌷 Bhaktivinoda Thakur elucidates in his Vaishnava Siddhanta Mala in the bhajan Dalalera Gita how if anyone desires to chant suddha madhuryamay Harinam, then they must take shelter of Nitaichand and recieve this gift from Him. Nitai is the only one who can freely impart suddha nam rasa to us fallen souls without any considerations. Aar nahiko kaaler bhoy aachandale den nam nitai doyamoy! He Himself is the broker of the holy name, khoda Nitai.

Harinama pradam devam avadhuta shiromanim.

Nitaivadis abide to this principle set by Bhaktivinoda Thakur to recieve pure nam from Nitai first.. by doing Nitai Vayulekhan before chanting Harinam.  We invest all our faith (sraddha) in Nitai’s holy name, knowing that Nitai will surely open up His treasure house of suddha Harinam. Sraddha matra loye den parama ananda! By doing Airwriting of Nitai’s holy name, we are begging Doyal Nitai’s benediction to dive deep into nam rasa. If anyone has any doubts whether to why Nitai’s name only is being given so much emphasis, what is so special in His name…then that answer is also given by Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Even though I have already mentioned this earlier, I reiterate on this crucial point once again while adding a few other verses as well:

aar nahiko kalir bhoy aachandale den nam nitai doyamoy

“There is no more fear of the age of Kali. The merciful Nityananda gives the Holy Name to even the candalas.”

den suddha krishna-siksha
jati, dhana, vidya, bala na kore apeksha

“Nitai gives the pure teachings of Krsna to everyone and does not care for one’s birth, wealth, knowledge and strength.”

This is the specialty of Nitai. He gives this highest gift of suddha nam even to the most fallen of the fallen without considering a single disqualification. This all-merciful nature of Nitai is there at its peak in Nitai’s nam aksharas. Nitai’s holy name is the most merciful and liberal wish-fulfilling chintamani in the whole existence. Therefore, it is only Nitai’s nam syllables which can grant true love for Harinam which we have been aspiring for. This is why Bhaktivinoda Thakur proclaims at the end:

bhaktivinoda daki koy, nitai charana bina aar nahi ashraya

Bhaktivinoda calls out “Except for the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda there is no other shelter!”

There is no other shelter apart from Nitai’s lotus feet, and this shelter is achieved fully by devotedly airwriting His name. Hence, Nitai Vayulekhan is the only shelter for those who aspire to drown into the ever-increasing ocean of Goloker prema nam!
So our motto is: Nitai Vayulekhan bina aar nahi ashraya!


💎🌟 The marketplace of the holyname contains all the priceless gems & jewels. Goloker prema dhan Harinam Sankirtan. Nitai is the owner and treasurer of those goods! He liberally grants these treats to whoever does vayulekhan of His holy name (निताइ).