Nitainam Dhyan Always Uplifts

निताइ! In our day to day life, due to the cumbersome load of material responsibilities, it so happens that the external circumstances and our inner weaknesses force us to come to a lower level of consciousness, against our own desire. We cannot guard ourselves fully from these attacks of Maya and unfortunately have to succumb to her desires. Maya is astonishingly vigilant in Kaliyuga and does not let go of a single chance to bind us.

Nitainam Dhyan is however so merciful, that no matter how low our state of consciousness is at a particular time, Nitai Nam Prabhu immediately uplifts. You can feel Nitai consoling you and saying, “It’s okay, don’t worry. I know you are struggling, I am here with you. You are safe. Don’t worry.” At that very moment you feel a ray of warmth in your heart and solace that Nitaichand is there…and He is not considering these temporary falldowns. Nitai Nam does not consider our whole day’s hypocrisy.

And one who does Nitainam Dhyan in the morning builds like a nice protective bubble layer around them for the whole day (personally felt this). Anywhere at any time you do Nitainam Dhyan, one will feel instant upliftment. Being in an unfavorable atmosphere still you become immune to it. The mind starts thinking about Sri Guru and Nitai. Please don’t hesitate to do Nitainam Dhyan even if you think it is not the right time, or you are not in the proper mood…you will be surprised to see the positivity that arises by doing so.

Like Nitaipreshthji says, Nitai is our Supremely Positive Lord. 🙂 Similarly this Nitainam Dhyan is a Supremely Positive Process.

Simply by coming in close proximity to fire, one feels warmth…that is inevitable. In the same way, simply by coming in the slightest contact with Nitai Nam via Nitainam Dhyan, there is an immediate charge of bliss and ecstasy.

Nitainam Dhyan is the Key to Good Japa

🌺 Nitai Vayulekhan produces quality rounds of the Mahamantra. Good japa produces inspiration in bhakti, realization, detachment, increased desire to serve, attraction to study scripture, and an ability to see maya’s intricate workings (traps) more clearly- the list is endless.

Good japa is one of the strongest pillars of success in our devotional service. All the other limbs of bhakti start suffering when this one falls weak. We lose the strength and ability to properly execute devotional service. Indeed,it is the life force of our bhakti, it is the life of devotional service.

The key to all advancement in bhakti is chanting the holy names properly. Neglecting this vital medicine is the root cause of all our other troubles and failures. Inspiration, spiritual strength and deep realizations are the outcomes of good japa. How will we distribute the bliss to others when we ourselves are malnourished?

The only way to chant the best rounds we can chant is to take shelter of Nitai’s merciful holy name by vayulekhan or meditating on His Nam aksharas. In this fallen age, there is no other medium left apart from taking shelter of Nitai’s holy name if one wants to chant Madhuryamay Nam, Suddha Nam (the Nam that is factually Krishna and emanating from Goloka) in this very lifetime (that too very soon). Please realize that we do not have much time left. There is a difference between Namabhasa, the semblance of the holy name (*or the offensive name for those who are still committing offenses) and Suddha Nam (Krishna Himself). Anything which is not suddha nam, is not actually the holy name…it is simply semblance of it.

Suddha Nam cannot be made forced to appear by our own attempts. Nam Prabhu is commander-in-chief, not demander-in-chief. The only way to get His mercy is to cry! How many of us are able to cry in our japa (without thinking about the bills we have to pay, the schoolwork we have to finish, the prasadam we have to prepare, the tv shows that are coming up, etc etc)? It’s more easily said than done. Suddha Nam appears not by feeble attempts, but by MERCY! CAUSELESS MERCY! More accurately, He descends out of His own accord and dances on our tongue. It only superficially looks as if the devotee is chanting, but no, Nam Prabhu is dancing on his tongue and compelling him to chant. Nam nache, Krishna nache, nache Prema dhan! Now who in the three worlds is ready to grant this CAUSELESS MERCY to the destitute, downtrodden, hardhearted, foolish, and hopeless souls? DOYAL NITAI! Harinama Pradam Devam Avadhuta Shiromanim. Because He is Avadhuta, completely maddened in the ecstasy of Krishna prema, He does not judge who is worthy or unworthy…He bestows the treasure of Goloka to one and all without reservations.

This is why ONLY NITAI AND HIS HOLY NAME is our forever only everlasting hope! Just once try airwriting Nitai’s name or singing Nitai’s name in kirtan, and then try chanting even one mantra of Harinam…see the results for yourself. If you are not blown away from your minds then I am ready to change my name. Even those who do not know who Nitai is experience ecstasy. This is not sahajiyaism, it is simply Nitai and how His mercy works. Faith is not a prerequisite for attaining His mercy. Nitai’s name will cause our iron hearts to melt just like butter. We will not be able to restrain our bhavas! Tears will incessantly flow from the eyes, the voice will choke up, hairs will stand on and end…there will be nothing but bliss bliss bliss. It is in this state that we are qualified for chanting Harinam and obtaining Nam Prabhu’s mercy. In fact, there is a secret here. Once someone takes shelter of Nitai Nam, there is actually no need to separately endeavor to chant Suddha Nam. Suddha Nam (Krishna prema) starts searching out for that person! Yes it sounds unbelievable, but very soon one will realize that it is Nitai’s mercy which is in fact UNBELIEVABLE! Please do not waste any more valuable time contemplating, just do it…just take shelter of Nitai’s holy name! All other answers will come by itself.

Nitai name dub de re bhai thakbe na aar bhoy

tor moner kaalo hobe aalo

mithbe shob shanshay

nitai name dub de bhai thakbe na aar bhoy


Oh brother, dive deep into the nectar of Nitai’s holy name, no more fear will remain.

All the darkness pervading your mind will disperse, there will be only light. All doubts will be eradicated.

Oh brother, dive deep into the nectar Nitai’s holy name, no more fear will remain.


Nitai Nam is not simply the key to good japa, it is the key to suddha nam……..

All Spiritual Knowledge is Spontaneously Manifest by Nitai Airwriting

🌸 The conclusions of all the shastras are spontaneously and effortlessly revealed in the heart of a spiritual aspirant doing Nitai Airwriting, even if it’s not done with full seriousness. This is the uniqueness of Nitai and His holy name, which is nondifferent from Him. They give the highest knowledge to the spiritually bankrupt even before someone can aspire for it.

Everything is Attained Through Nitai Vayulekhan

🌺 The whole material & spiritual creation is included within the name of Nitai! After all Nitai is the cause of this entire cosmic manifestation.
Thus all which is to be attained is granted by Nitai Nam. By writing Nitai’s name in vayulekhan, all which is to be attained in this world and beyond this world (spiritual world) are achieved without any other endeavors.

Prachanda shaktidhari Nitai Vayulekhan

Anayase prodaan kore tribhuvaner samastha gupta dhan!


Nitai Vayulekhan is the Source of all Knowledge

Today while doing Nitai Airwriting, by Gurudev’s mercy I could actually feel to some considerable extent how Nitai’s name syllables themselves contain ALL knowledge. Beginning from the smallest things of the material platform to the highest of the highest peaks knowledge on the spiritual platform-all of it is there in Nitai Nam…because that is the original source from where it is all emanating from.

Nitai Nam aksharas have the conclusions to all shastras, they contain the knowledge of our swarupa, they contain the knowledge of nitya lila, they contain all the knowledge present in this whole cosmic existence, they are omniscient, all knowing- yet at the same time they are omnipotent enough to grant all that infinite knowledge to us, the tiny infinitesimal souls. If the Supreme Personality of Servitor Godhead Nitaichandra is infinite, then He must have the potency to bestow knowledge of that infiniteness to us infinitesimal souls. Nitai nam is nondifferent from Nitai Himself, and therefore the foremost bestower of all knowledge.

The answers to all questions, the solution to all philosophical or practical doubts in devotional service, the mysteries behind all the elevated spiritual confidential topics- everything comes from Nitai’s nam aksharas.

Nitai is akhanda guru tattva Himself and His nam syllables are swayam jagat guru and the bestowers of all knowledge. Nitai clears all the doubts, gives all answers, bestows all pure knowledge, all realizations to whoever sincerely does Nitai Vayulekhan.

Actually for this reason I could also feel that for one who does Nitai Vayulekhan or worships Nitai’s nam syllables, for that soul there is no need, believe it or not, to even study the shastras directly. Because Nitai Nam only reveals everything. Gaurkishor das babaji, from the material perspective was an illiterate, yet he could defeat great erudite scholars by quoting from shastras. He became the guru of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupad!!! Where did he get all this knowledge from- the Nam aksharas! But this faith must be there…that simply by writing Nitai’s name we will get everything!

The only one thing which is our infallible duty is to serve the padapadma of our Guru Maharaj day and night with our mind, body and words, and remain steady in that service. Rest all doubts or queries which we have, we dont have to worry separately for them, they are all cleared directly by Nitai nam. You can see and try it for yourself. Any time there is some small doubt in bhakti…or we are unable to understand some mood of our spiritual masters…do Nitai Vayulekhan….you’ll get astonished to see how quickly Nitai explains it to you.

Pramada Destroyed by Nitai Vayulekhan

Even if one gives up all other namaparadhas, with (pramad) inattentiveness, they’ll never get attraction for Nam Prabhu. Inattentive chanting is the root cause of all other aparadhas. Not having enough taste for the holy name yields to disrespecting Nam Prabhu by not giving Him the proper love and attention we owe to. It is so subtle, making it even more deadly. By not properly chanting the holy names, we end up watering the weeds instead, which immediately puts our bhakti lata in danger.
Only Doyal Haladhar Nitai removes this aparadha!!! He is the only one who is the most dhurandhar (expert) to do so! He shatters this aparadha to pieces by personally stealing our minds and placing it at His lotus feet. But we must somehow or other come to Nitai first. As soon as Nitai appears, all inattentiveness will dissipate. But how to accomplish this union with Nitai? Very simple. Nitai Vayulekhan!

Nitai Vayulekhan is the jewel of all processes because it brings us into direct contact with Nitai. We are not only directly touching His paramananda swarupa, but we are also seeing it before our eyes in the form of His Nam aksharas. And from these very syllables Nitai’s transcendental form will also soon manifest. So our wavering and fickle mind is subdued by the showers of bliss emanating from His name. If we notice closely, then Nitai’s hala (plow) is also present within Nitai’s name within the fifth stroke “ta”. The sole reason we commit this offense of pramada is because we have no rasa, no taste, no bliss while chanting the holy names. Nitai grants this bliss in full abundance to whoever airwrites His name, so there is no question of inattentiveness! Who would lose their focus when they are drowning in ananda?


In this way when we become completely submerged by the intoxicating bliss of Nitai Vayulekhan, we are able to purely relish the sweet nectar of Harinam. The proof of this is given in Chaitanya Charitamrita Adi Chapter 11:

balaram das krishna prema rasasvadi
nityananda name hoy parama unmaadi
(verse 34)

Nitai’s dear associate, Sri Balaram das Mahashay, relished Krishna prema rasa to the fullest extent only because of His attachment to Nitai’s name.

Therefore, can only perpetually relish the mellows of Krishna prema (madhurya nam), by first becoming totally intoxicated and mad in Nitai’s name (Nitai Vayulekhan).

Nitai Vayulekhan Bina Aar Nahi Ashraya

🌷 Bhaktivinoda Thakur elucidates in his Vaishnava Siddhanta Mala in the bhajan Dalalera Gita how if anyone desires to chant suddha madhuryamay Harinam, then they must take shelter of Nitaichand and recieve this gift from Him. Nitai is the only one who can freely impart suddha nam rasa to us fallen souls without any considerations. Aar nahiko kaaler bhoy aachandale den nam nitai doyamoy! He Himself is the broker of the holy name, khoda Nitai.

Harinama pradam devam avadhuta shiromanim.

Nitaivadis abide to this principle set by Bhaktivinoda Thakur to recieve pure nam from Nitai first.. by doing Nitai Vayulekhan before chanting Harinam.  We invest all our faith (sraddha) in Nitai’s holy name, knowing that Nitai will surely open up His treasure house of suddha Harinam. Sraddha matra loye den parama ananda! By doing Airwriting of Nitai’s holy name, we are begging Doyal Nitai’s benediction to dive deep into nam rasa. If anyone has any doubts whether to why Nitai’s name only is being given so much emphasis, what is so special in His name…then that answer is also given by Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Even though I have already mentioned this earlier, I reiterate on this crucial point once again while adding a few other verses as well:

aar nahiko kalir bhoy aachandale den nam nitai doyamoy

“There is no more fear of the age of Kali. The merciful Nityananda gives the Holy Name to even the candalas.”

den suddha krishna-siksha
jati, dhana, vidya, bala na kore apeksha

“Nitai gives the pure teachings of Krsna to everyone and does not care for one’s birth, wealth, knowledge and strength.”



This is the specialty of Nitai. He gives this highest gift of suddha nam even to the most fallen of the fallen without considering a single disqualification. This all-merciful nature of Nitai is there at its peak in Nitai’s nam aksharas. Nitai’s holy name is the most merciful and liberal wish-fulfilling chintamani in the whole existence. Therefore, it is only Nitai’s nam syllables which can grant true love for Harinam which we have been aspiring for. This is why Bhaktivinoda Thakur proclaims at the end:

bhaktivinoda daki koy, nitai charana bina aar nahi ashraya

Bhaktivinoda calls out “Except for the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda there is no other shelter!”

There is no other shelter apart from Nitai’s lotus feet, and this shelter is achieved fully by devotedly airwriting His name. Hence, Nitai Vayulekhan is the only shelter for those who aspire to drown into the ever-increasing  ocean of  Goloker prema nam!
So our motto is: Nitai Vayulekhan bina aar nahi ashraya!