Our Sweet Sambandha with Doyal Nitai

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⭐️The first loop in “na” of निताइ is Nitaichand clutching onto us and encircling His arms around us so that we can never leave Him henceforth

⭐️Nitainam’s mercy. Even b4 we cn start imploring 2 Nitai, “Nitai na chado more!”-Nitai has already grabbed us & saying “Now where will u go?”

⭐️One has to gradually build a sambandh w/ Harinam while chanting, but Nitai holds us to His chest even before we have finished saying “Tai” 😊

⭐️Our relationship w/ Nitai does not have to be formed, it’s already dre. Hes been crazily following us in this material world for lifetimes.

⭐️The one who accepts Nitai & Nitainam as their own, re-establishes their sambandh w/ Nandkumar & Harinam. Avashya paibe krsnacandra sei jane

⭐️Krsna: Leave all Dharma & surrender onto Me, then I’ll accept u
Nitai: Ah just come to Me already, I’ll see the rest. I’ll take u to Krsna 😂

⭐️Normally we are the ones who must become impatient to attain the Lord, but seeing Nitai it seems like He’s more impatient to make us His own

⭐️You will become the apple of Gaursundar’s lotus eye, if you place Nitai in the center of your heart. Don’t miss this chance to win over Gaur

🌺Krishna says “I turn to those who turn to Me.”

Nitai says, “I want you! If you don’t turn to Me, I will come running after you!”

Nitai runs behind those who turn their back to the Supreme Personality of Godhead and sprint in the opposite direction.

Nitai Kirtan Ki Jay!

🌷 Ah Nitaichand, I have finally sensed a drop of what our simha guru Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada means that simply by hearing Nitai’s name, purity will awaken in everyone’s heart. No separate endeavor is required to cleanse the contamination. The effect is so instant! No wonder Srila Gurudev keeps insisting everyone to sing Nitai’s name in Kirtan. Oh Nitaaaaaiiiii… how potent is Thy holy name! I am floored at this moment. My power of speech seems to be escaping me.

Even in our most impure state of consciousness, when it feels like we cannot even search out our will to execute devotional service, Nitai’s holy name enters the ears and strikes like a thunderbolt in our heart. The effect of that thunder strike is tumultuous! It feels like a massive wave has come gushing with great force and swept you off the shore. You drown in the waves of that sound vibration. A big cumbersome load of junk just seems to lift off your heart…it just leaves…Nitainam throws it out. You feel lighter and blissful. And it is not an imaginary feeling or a form of hallucination, it is more deeper than anything we can experience in the material world. You can feel Nitai renewing your life in devotional service, recharging that vigor, uplifting our spirits! All I can think right now is that this Kirtan felt like Bhakti sanjeevani. Moreover an overwhelming energy enters into you that reminds you of all the previous times when you were uncontrollably attracted to Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna, those special moments that kept you going in devotional service. And then Nitai releases more of that same dose and forcibly draws you in.

All this happens in such rapid succession and we ourselves are so absorbed at that moment, it is impossible to determine time. It is like we enter into a mode of self-forgetfulness. All external consciousness leaves us, you cannot help it. You cannot hold back at that time. It is at that moment that you realize what our Acharyas mean that the holy names are beyond the jurisdiction of time. Nitai’s name allows you to enter into that divine state of consciousness, take a glimpse of that realm, where even time is eternal.

Afterwards when I heard Srila Prabhupada singing the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, the feeling was indescribable. Every syllable seems to reverberate within. Nitainam Kirtan helps you to churn the nectar from Harinam. Feeling so helpless that I have to stop such blissful flows coming from Nitaichand to engage in other futile activities. 😢😭😭

This life is really a waste without Kirtan. We can never determine its potency until we do it. It holds so much strength. Kirtan is the life of our sadhana and bhakti.

Nitaisevika dasi

Unique Aspect of Nitainam 

🌷 Every stroke while writing Nitai’s holy name seems to be an outpour of countless untold and inexpressible prayers to Nitai’s lotus feet, which I would certainly be utterly incapable of ever adequately putting in words for Nitai even if I tried.

🌸 The unique aspect of Nitai’s mercy is that it never comes alone. Nitai does not simply give His mercy, He gives Himself away unconditionally with the mercy. His mercy comes along with Himself. It is like the mega offer, buy one get one free…except here…both are free! Nitai is freely giving away all that He has, without expecting anything from us in return. There is no living entity who will ever agree to do this, and here we have the Supreme Lord selling Himself away- without even setting a price!

Distribute Krishna Bhakti by Distributing Nitainam 

🌷 Remembrance means remembrance of the Lord’s name, form, qualities, pastimes, etc. Nitai is the treasurehouse where these glories of Gauranga Krishna are safely locked. Unless He opens up the treasure box, where is the hope of ever ascending to the terrace of premamayi smaranam bhakti? Nitainam is capable of opening that treasurehouse. Therefore we should wholeheartedly endeavor to distribute this magnanimous name to others, so that they may reap the greatest benefit of obtaining prema and Harinam Ruchi, while ourselves remaining immersed in the bliss of this ‘nitya-anandamay’ Nam. By hook or by crook, if they can somehow get Nitainam, they will surely get Krishna. 
🌷Just give Nitai to others (via Nitainam Lekhan), Nitai will give them the rest. Rest assured that they will surely attain all that is to be attained by Nitai’s grace. To the extent that we have faith in this principle, to that extent we have realized the merciful nature of Nitaichandra.
🌷If you are really desirous of a soul reaching Krishnachandra, be ambitious to give them Nitai’s association. That’s the real way they will attain Krishna without delay. Even if they have no idea who is Nitai, but somehow come in contact with Him through some pretext, Krishna Himself will go on a look out for that soul.

Aparadha Bhanjana Becomes Abhaya Karta (Nitai)

🌷Anything that is aparadha bhanjana automatically becomes abhaya daata – the granter of fearlessness. Fear is uprooted when one realizes that there is no reason to fear! If the consideration of aparadhas is gone, the handcuffs of fear are gone. The intended goal is to make everyone God loving, not God fearing. What could be more aparadha bhanjana than Nitainam, Nitai Dham, Nitai prasada, Nitai bhaktagan, etc? Who is more aparadha nashak and adosha darashi than Nitai in the first place? So if one truly wants to become abhaya charana, fearless under the shelter of the Lord’s lotus feet, one must approach Nitaichandra!

Abhaya Daata Nitainam 

Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

💦 The only way 2 frolic in d ocean of Bhakti is by drowning! How 2 do?

samsarera par hoiya bhaktir sagare

je dubibe se bhajuk nitaichandere

💦 Nitaier charana satya tahara sevak nitya! One can become ‘abhaya charan’ only if one has the cooling shelter of Nitai padakamala, as per NDT

💦 A servant of Nitai has nothing to fear! Nitai is personally guarding their bhakti lata from all dangers. Nitai das sada bindas,baki sab udas

💦 By singing Nitai’s audarya Nam, one is saved from every anarth, paap & aparadha performed by mind, word or deed. Nitai gives one abhay daan

💦Whether committed in the past, present or future, by taking shelter of Nitainam, all our offenses are sure to be obliterated by Doyal Nitai.

💦 Since anything related to Nitai (His name, abode, etc) is aparadha bhajana, it is also abhaya karta! The one that grants total fearlessness!

💦 It is possible to render LOVING devotional service only when there is no fear.Otherwise itll be in awe/reverence. ONLY Nitai can remove this