The Praneshwar of Avadhuta Chandra – Sri Gaurhari 


Joy Nitai Gaur!!!!! The day which is most dear to Sri Nityananda Prabhu and all the Vaishnavas has arrived for the deliverance of all living entities. Those who are supremely fortunate can still hear Nitaichand’s maddening roars to welcome His brother, which penetrate through the layers of this universe. Following is a humble effusion for the pleasure of Nitaichandra, an insignificant offering at His lotus feet.
— Sri Sri Nityananda Ramam arpanastu —
Chaitanya-Charitamrita Madhya lila 1.29:
‘chaitanya’ seva, ‘chaitanya’ gao,

lao ‘chaitanya’ nama

‘caitanye’ ye bhakti kare, sei mora prana

Today is a grand opportunity to become more dear to Nitai than His very own life by singing the wonderful virtues, qualities and pastimes of Lord Gauranga sundar, who brought to the whole world which was never ever given before – the rare gift of the most valuable treasure in Goloka, Golokera prema dhana harinama sankirtana. It is this wealth that Prabhu Nitaichandra has taken up the responsibility to distribute to the whole world without any discrimination for the pleasure of His master. Harinama pradam devam Avadhuta shiromanim!

This is the time to welcome that Supreme Lord who is the crest jewel of all His other forms as the Supreme Personality of Godhead–thus Mahaprabhu. Maha- the madanakhya mahabhava of Srimati Radharani which is the highest peak of divine love and the essence of hladini shakti, and Prabhu- referring to Swayam Rasaraj Krishna who is the abode and king of all Rasas. Maha-Prabhu, the unity of Rasaraj-Mahabhava. I offer my unlimited obeisances to that Supreme Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is combined form of ecstatic love and rasa. And the prema of this ecstatic form of Godhead is exactly what our Nityananda Raya is distributing to one and all. One can penetrate into the deepest mysteries of Gauranga’s appearance when one is graced by the merciful glance of Doyal Nitai!

Esho Sankirtana Pita esho esho he! “Oh Father of Sankirtan, please please come!” The only way of deliverance possible in the dark age of Kali is through taking shelter of the holy names. And what is the specialty of this Nam? It is prema nam, it contains all the inexhaustible love which is saturated within His own self. And the form of that holy name is Nitai Himself, sarva mantra swarupascha!
I worship that Gauranga who shines radiantly illuminating the whole creation with His incomparable and all-pervading effulgence! His bright, effulgent form itself speaks of His supreme position and majesty which can never be described otherwise even through the thousands of mouths of Sri Ananta dev. When will we behold such an exquisite form by Nitai’s grace?

I worship that Prema-grahi Janardana Gauranga who’s thirst to relish all the love His devotees have for Him is never quenched! My unlimited obeisances to that Gaurhari, who manifests five mouths when glorifying His devotees who are His life and soul (panchamukhe kore bhakta gunagaan) and who cannot be stopped once He starts glorifying! Hint hint* A reason why He never tires of establishing Nitai’s esoteric glories under any pretext. In the entire Caitanya Bhagavat, most of the super excellent glories of Nitai are spoken from the lotus mouth of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself.

I worship that Natkhat Nimai who’s sweet and playful mischief brings the whole Navadvipa to life! I worship that Sachi Dulal who is the apple of mother Sachi’s eye, and who’s name is Sachinandan, the name which gives pleasure to all His devotees especially Lord Nityananda. 🙂

I worship that Supreme Lord by looking at whose beautiful lotus face which defeats the exquisite beauty of millions of cupids, Mother Sachi sustains her life. I worship that Chaitanya Chandra, by glancing at whose radiant face even the moon god Soma hid his dull face in shame during the time of His appearance thus causing an eclipse. I worship that Gaura Nataraj who’s ecstatic dance is unmatched and cannot even be compared to the rasa dance (since the beauty of Radharani’s graceful nritya and Krishna’s enchanting movements have now combined in one form to increase the beauty manifolds)! I worship that Gauranga Mani, who is the Prananath of Gadadhar Pandit! I honor that Gaurahari who loves Advaita Acharya very dearly and who appeared from Goloka to this material world bound by his cries! I offer my respectful obeisances to that Gauranga who is so attached to Srivas Pandit that He is ready to become even a sweeper in His house out of intense love!

Lastly, I want to offer my obeisances to the Two Divine Brothers together, who are inseparable at all costs. Although utterly unqualified, I shamelessly say the following words anyway trying to follow in the footsteps of the great Acharya Vrindavan das Thakur,

Lord Nityananda is the worshippable Lord of this fallen soul who has no other recourse, and Sri Gaurangachand is the Lord and Master of His life. Thus trying to please both Prabhus, may I always worship Them both!

I worship that Supreme Lord who is the very life breath of Prabhu Nityananda! I worship that Supreme Lord who’s Holy names are dancing constantly on Sri Nityananda’s tongue! I admire the form of that Gaursundar, the elixir of whose beauty Nitai constantly drinks with His lotus eyes! I worship that Supreme Lord who is the be all and end all for His Boro Dadabhai Nitai! I worship that Gauranga Sundar who eternal residence is within Nitaichand’s heart! I worship that Gauranga Sundar who has accepted Nityananda’s divine body as His only residence! I remember that Sweet Lord Gauranga Rasaraj who dwells in the mad ecstasy of Rasakhanda Nityananda Ram! I worship that Gauranga who is always eager to loot all the love Nitai has in His heart–who wants to relish Nitai’s love in every single possible way, in every single rasa, in every single form!

I pray at Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s lotus feet that He may grant this fallen soul the strength and privilege to humbly assist in His mission of spreading Nitai’s name and glories. 🙏

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

No Shame to Go Before Nityananda Prabhu 

There is no need to be formal with Nitaichandra. He’s the only Lord who we do not have to hesitate to go before just as we are, in whatever state we are. 

It is embarrassing to go before Gaur Krishna with the overlapping layers of all our Bhakti vimukha desires and heaps of anarthas. Personally, I always want to hide my face in shame. I start to become more aware of my aparadhi status when I come before Krishna. Krishna is an ocean of mercy, but still there is a certain amount of reservation before Him. Especially when we know that Krishna is most satisfied and pleased to reciprocate when we have followed the following instruction with sincerity:



ānukūlyena kṛṣṇānu-

śīlanaṁ bhaktir uttamā

(CC Madhya 19.167)
“One should render transcendental loving service to the Supreme Lord Kṛṣṇa favorably and without desire for material profit or gain through fruitive activities or philosophical speculation. That is called pure devotional service.”
So there is often also a significant amount of guilt in confronting Krishnachandra when we know we haven’t completely done needful to satisfy Him. 
But before Nitai, it seems we ourselves become oblivious of everything. And not just us, Nitai too. In fact the reason we feel this way is because Nitai is so accepting. We can factually feel it…the moment we come before Him…that nothing else matters. There is not a speck of judgement in His vision. He only wants to give and take love. Adosha darashi. Nitai just wants to reciprocate with us. He is so eager, even before we have made a move from our end. Nitai wants to be our best friend. Actually, personally I feel great satisfaction in going before Nitai with all my anarthas. Because you know He will directly take the initiative to get rid of them! 

That’s why our Acharyas urge us, that if we have any material desires remaining (which most of us who have not crossed anartha nivritti yet all do to some extent), we should ideally approach Nityananda! He is so considerate and understanding. Nitai will personally purify us inside out. After all, it is by Nitaichand’s karuna that samsara vasana becomes tuccha (insignificant). 

One feels so unabashed standing before Nityananda Prabhu! Even though it is quite embarrassing that we are presenting Him with so much of our nonsense to take care of…it is nonetheless extremely blissful and uplifting. Oh and Nitai doesn’t mind anyway. 😉 He is more ecstatic than we are! He is the one beckoning and inviting us!

There’s another reason we feel so comfortable approaching Nitai…a feeling that we are very much at home. It is because Nitai is so intimate with everyone. Each devotee thinks, “Nitai is mine.” Amar Nitai! Nitai amar doyara avadhi. We feel a certain level of proprietorship over Him, even in our tremendously conditioned state. How can we have any hesitation going before someone who is ours? Krishna is sold out to the pure devotees and Nitai gives Himself away even to the offenders. 

This is actually the tactic to perfectly approaching Gaur Krishna. If we come before Nitai first, He will fulfill all of Krishna’s requirements meant for us and purify us. After completely transforming us in this manner, He will ecstatically present us before Krishna – who will embrace us without delay. 

Complementary to all the above mentioned is the fact that Nitai becomes extremely pleased with so little. For example, eka baar dekhle chokhe jol. Just seeing a tear once in our eyes while we say Gaura is enough for Him to take our responsibility life after life! We need to bash our head before Gaur Krishna and cry to Him from the core of our heart to win His attention, but for Nitai…just a teardrop will do. And if nothing else, just going before Him will also do. 

In conclusion, just throw yourself in front of Nitai as much as you can! There’s no end to all that you have to gain! 

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,

Nitaisevika dasi

Nitai’s Service is the Key to Gaurhari’s Heart

The nature of Gauranga’s love for Nitaisevaks is like that of Krishna’s fondness and admiration for the manjaris. Since Srimati Radharani is His life and soul, Her personal maidservants, who are fully engaged in lovingly serving Her lotus feet day and night, reserve a very special position in Nandkumar’s heart. He holds them in the highest regard. He adores them and internally worships them. They are doing that which He Himself aspires to do! Krishna is looking at the manjaris and wondering, “Oh how I desire to have such love for My Radhe! How I wish to serve Her like this!” 

Similarly, Nitaichandra is the dearest to Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Gaur is always aspiring to somehow serve Nitaichandra, however Nitai being very cunning and expert…makes it very difficult. 😇 But Gaur feels immense happiness and bliss when He sees that service, which is so much desired and sought after by Him, being performed by others. He immediately raises His two lotus palms and starts showering that soul with blessings. Gaurhari’s love for Nitai is always increasing…when He sees others also sharing that mood, His attachment to them becomes stronger. If you fall in love with serving Nitai, Gaurhari falls in love with you. So the key is to always remain immersed in Nitai sewa. 

Joy Joy Vishvambhar Pranpriya Nitai!

Nitaisevika dasi

Humility, False Ego and Nitainam 

Nitai Tweets (@Nitai_Sevika)

🌾 Humility is easily expressed but felt with great difficulty. However, Nitainam makes this humility so pure and deep-it becomes inexpressible

🌾Even though Nitai is the topmost servant of Sri Gaur Krsna, Sevak Bhagwan Himself, He leaves not a single chance to menially serve devotees!

🌾Humility awakens by the association of the genuinely humble. Nitai is most humble. By doing Nitai sanga via Nitainam Lekhan we become humble

🌾We are ahankar-dambha shiromani and Nitai is abhimana shunya. Therefore without Nitai there is no hope of ever becoming trinad api sunichena

🌾Just as fire is extinguished by water, envy is obliterated by service. That service comes only by the grace of Nitai -sarva sevya kalevarah!

🌾It is Haladhar who smashes our self-dooming false ego to bits with His club and weeds out the root of our envious mentality with His plow.

Nitai Cannot Leave Us!

🌹 Nitai is always there. He never leaves us alone for a single moment. Actually He simply can’t, because His love and attachment for each and every one of us surpasses beyond anything.
It is due to our own conditioned state that we do not feel His presence. But if we can only attempt to acknowledge that our Nitai is there, immediately we will feel His loving reciprocation.

🌹 This valuable human life is not meant for enjoying feverish material desires. Its for re-awakening our dormant love for Nitai. This is a golden chance which cannot be missed. Acquiring true love for Nitai and His devotees, and then serving Them with all our spirits should be the only goal of our life.

🌹Sometimes it is more beneficial to not be so materially advanced, as we can avoid the tendency to become egoistic and proud, as well as the tendency to drift away from Nitai bhakti. If material success ever comes our way, we should simply take it as a blessing from Nitai and somehow tax our brains of how to use that in His service only. If we are lost then we can pray to Nitai to mercifully guide us how to do so. Since Nitai is cause of all causes, everything emanates from Him and should be used only for His service.

The point here is…that in all cases and all circumstances, only Nitai should be in the center.

🌹 The only way to truly test if someone is factually ours is to measure their level of concern, loyalty and support for us during adversity; when we are suffering through serious tribulations. One who is truly ours, their love for us will only increase when we are in unfavorable situations, due to their affection. A mother feels more love for her child when she sees them in difficulty, thus making her maternal affection overflow even more.

The nature of Nitai’s love for the fallen souls is exactly like this, in fact, way beyond. While the other forms of Godhead move farther away from us as we glide down, Nitai’s love only increases seeing our misery. Doyara Thakur Nitai para dukha jane. He is the most merciful Lord because He understands the pain of others. This is why Vrindavan das Thakur sings: Nitai amar doyara avadhi. Nitai AMAR. Nitai is ours. He is truly ours. He is the only one who we can claim as ours….because He is the only one who understands our pain. And not only understands, but He is also the only one who takes the burden of removing this pain on Himself. Nitaiyer kripay hoy dukhera avashana re!!!!!!! Nitai bine aar bandhu nai. Bolo bhai Nitai Nitai!

🌹In Nitai bhakti, there is no such thing as a fall down. There is only Nitai picking us up.


Nitai Synonymous to Kripa Siddhi!

🌸 Nitai gives His mercy liberally to one and all. And when He gives, He gives everything at once.

Nitai’s mercy is synonymous with Nitai, because Nitai is causeless mercy personified.

Nitai’s kripa is synonymous with kripa siddhi, because it grants everything.

Therefore, Nitai is synonymous with kripa siddhi.

Coming into any contact with Nitai means kripa siddhi.

Padmavati Nandan’s Enchanting Qualities


“Nitai Tweets by @Nitai_Sevika”

⭐ Nityananda Prabhu never demands for anything. He inspires others with His generosity. I see the same quality in my Gurudev~Nitai’s puredevotee

⭐ Nityananda Prabhu only asks for one gift. The only gift He desires from us-is the gift of our liberation. He wants us to get prem.That’s all

⭐ Don’t worry about being bereft of sewa. Nitai is the embodiment of all devotional service. Simply cont ur Nitai sadhana & the service will come. 🙂

⭐ Why bother telling people of this material world abt your problems. Nitai’s the best listener because He’s in your heart as Parmatma. He’ll help

⭐ When u start losing taste in bhakti, dont be agitated. Loudly sing the name of Nitai & His dearmost bhakts (our Acharyas). Taste will come!

⭐ Since Satyayug, every single Ekachakra vasi had been waiting for generations for the Supreme Lord, Nityananda Balaram, to appear there.

⭐The Ekachakra vasis in the other 3 yugas would lament that they would not be able to see the Supreme Lord, Shri Balaram, before their eyes

⭐ When Padmavati devi conceived, she became so effulgent, lustrous, enchanting, & beautiful dt it was evident Nitai was residing within her.

⭐ Previously there was poverty,famine & all sorts of difficulties in Ekachakra.The moment Nitai came,evrything began to bloom with prosperity

⭐ Lord Nitai’s enchanting features are so incomparably beautiful & charming that they captivate the heart of even Kamdev, cupid personified!

⭐ The whole town of Ekachakra instantly fell in love with this little baby Nitai who had large lotuslike eyes, perfect limbs & buttersoft body

⭐ My heart pulls towards Ekachakra, where dat naughty little Padmavati-Nandan is playing in the courtyard of Hadai Pandit, rolling on d ground

⭐ As a baby, Nitai was so cute,soft & cuddly that it was absolutely impossible for anyone to let Him come off their lap. He won all hearts!

⭐ Nitai’s body is as soft and komal as a golden puppet of fresh butter. Whoevr gets hold of Him once, nvr wants to let go!

⭐ Hadai pandit was so attached to Nitai dt He would never go farther away then frm where He could see Nitai in the house. Hadai’ra nayana tara