Nitai Is Lila Shakti and Nitai Trayodashi Approaching

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🌷Krishna’s Sandhini Shakti is the potency which facilitates His lilas. This is Nitai! Thus Nitainam is also filled with Krishna’s lila shakti

🌷Our Acharyas are speaking literally when they say Lord Nitai is the storehouse of GaurKrsna lila. He is the lila shakti of the Supreme Lord!

🌷cic-sakti-ashraya tinho, karanera karana (CC Adi 5.42)

Nitai is the resting place of Krishna’s spiritual energies, the cause of all causes!

🌷Pastimes are bound to manifest when the Dham & lila shakti are present no? Nitai is both, so if He enters our heart, it becomes a lilasthali

🌷Process of attaining siddhi can be divided into 3 parts: sambandha, abhideya,prayojan. Nitainam is also 3: Ni, Ta and ee. Nitai gives all 3!

🌷There’s a reason Nitai Balaram appears first. Who makes us worthy to welcome the Lord of the creation?Who purifies the heart? Doyal Nitai!

🌷Just as Nitai grants us the qualification to approach Gauranga, celebrating Nitai Trayodasi prepares one to welcome Gaur on Gaur Purnima

🌷Our seriousness & strong intent to attain Krsna is tested by our enthusiasm to serve His pure devotee (Nitai!). *Nitai Trayodasi is coming 😉

🌷If Gaura sees you are anxious to welcome His boro dada, He will come standing at your door…sorry…bursting thru without any invitation.

Nitai is Gunamani!

🌺Of course Nitai is Gunamani! The one who is completely Guna-grahi (accepts only one’s good qualities) and cent percent adosha darashi must be a reservoir of good qualities only! Nitai is extraordinary especially because of this jewel-like quality which only He possesses! Where will you find another personality with this quality?

🌺Nitai is Gaur Guna Dham, the abode and repository of all of Gauranga’s astonishing qualities! This is attested to by Advaita Acharya Himself. The one who carries all of Gaur Krishna’s magnificent qualities and at the same possesses His own unique qualities of servitorship and devotion to the Lord must be GUNAMANI – the one and only jewel-like personality!

🌺Nitai is Gunamani, that means His qualities are so great that they overpower our own insurmountable demerits. He can deliver us by the power of His own qualities without having to depend on our own qualifications at all.

Gauranga’s Vehement Proclamation In Caitanya Bhagavat

I was reading Nitai’s kripa grantha, Sri Caitanya Bhagavat today and came across the following golden words spoken by our Sacinandan,

The Lord continued, “One who simply remembers My devotee, I take responsibility of maintaining him. The servitor of My servitor is dear to Me, and he certainly attains My shelter.” (CB Antya chapter 5)

This verse alone is the greatest incentive to give our heart and soul to worshipping Nitaichandra! Mahaprabhu is giving first class assurance. What more do we need? ‘That soul “certainly” attains My shelter.’ Gauranga is purposefully making such an emphatic statement, so that there is no room left for doubts.

If we simply remember Nitaichand, Gauranga Mahaprabhu personally takes the responsibility of looking after us. “The servitor of My servitor”…the highest implication of this can only bend towards the servants of Nitaisundar. Nitai as we all know is the Supreme Personality of “Servitor” Godhead. He is the conglomerate form of all the Lord’s servants. Every single service rendered to the Supreme Lord Sri Gauranga Krishna is emanating from Him. He is the source of that service. So how dear must the servants of Gauranga’s topmost servant be to Him? It is unfathomable.

And what makes this statement of Gauranga even more beautiful is that He is speaking these words to Srivas Pandit. Srivas Thakur and Malini devi serve Nitai day and night as their own beloved son. Nitai calls Srivas Thakur “baba” and addresses Malini devi as His mother. In the earlier chapters also it is mentioned how Gauranga Mahaprabhu roars in ecstasy and embraces Srivas to His chest when He hears from him about his staunch faith in Nitai and his unfaltering determination to serve Him. Mahaprabhu gives Him the boon that because he has so much faith in Nitai, even if the goddess of fortune ever has to go begging on the streets…still Srivas Thakur’s house will remain filled with all varieties of foodstuffs and there will never be a shortage of any sort. Mahaprabhu will personally supply everything. Ahhh, doesn’t that sound similar to the glorious statement Mahaprabhu has just done here in this verse?

So Srivas Pandit is actually a testimony to this verdict of Gauranga Mahaprabhu. He is an exemplary example of how Mahaprabhu awards one when they follow this confidential order of His to serve His dearmost servant. Srivas Thakur and his entire family received Gauranga’s unlimited mercy and blessings just by intimately serving His beloved Nitai’s lotus feet with full devotion.

I was just appreciating how these statements of Mahaprabhu are so congruent with Nitai Bhakti and suddenly BAM! There it came. The next part of the lila was Gauranga’s confidential instructions to Raghav Pandit, at whose home Nitai performed His phenomenal Kirtan miracles.

Gauranga Mahaprabhu said, “Raghava, I want to reveal to you confidentially that Nityananda Prabhu is nondifferent from Myself. You must understand that whatever Nityananda wants of Me I do it. Without sophistry I say that everything I do is through Nityananda. We are one and the same. That which is rarely attained by great mystics steeped in meditation is easily obtained from Lord Nityananda. Therefore, engage yourself with sincerety and deference in Nityananda’s service, knowing Him to be the Supreme Lord.”

Haha! The Lord is so miraculous! It felt like Gauranga Mahaprabhu was giving a vehement confirmation to my previous humble realization. As I read on, I soon remembered that this entire chapter is dedicated to Lord Nityananda’s glories specifically! Nitai always finds a way to get to us. Joy Joy Nitai! Joy Gauranga Sundar!

Nitaisevak ganer seva abhilashi,
Nitaisevika dasi

Our Sweet Sambandha with Doyal Nitai

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⭐️The first loop in “na” of निताइ is Nitaichand clutching onto us and encircling His arms around us so that we can never leave Him henceforth

⭐️Nitainam’s mercy. Even b4 we cn start imploring 2 Nitai, “Nitai na chado more!”-Nitai has already grabbed us & saying “Now where will u go?”

⭐️One has to gradually build a sambandh w/ Harinam while chanting, but Nitai holds us to His chest even before we have finished saying “Tai” 😊

⭐️Our relationship w/ Nitai does not have to be formed, it’s already dre. Hes been crazily following us in this material world for lifetimes.

⭐️The one who accepts Nitai & Nitainam as their own, re-establishes their sambandh w/ Nandkumar & Harinam. Avashya paibe krsnacandra sei jane

⭐️Krsna: Leave all Dharma & surrender onto Me, then I’ll accept u
Nitai: Ah just come to Me already, I’ll see the rest. I’ll take u to Krsna 😂

⭐️Normally we are the ones who must become impatient to attain the Lord, but seeing Nitai it seems like He’s more impatient to make us His own

⭐️You will become the apple of Gaursundar’s lotus eye, if you place Nitai in the center of your heart. Don’t miss this chance to win over Gaur

🌺Krishna says “I turn to those who turn to Me.”

Nitai says, “I want you! If you don’t turn to Me, I will come running after you!”

Nitai runs behind those who turn their back to the Supreme Personality of Godhead and sprint in the opposite direction.

Nitai Kirtan Ki Jay!

🌷 Ah Nitaichand, I have finally sensed a drop of what our simha guru Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada means that simply by hearing Nitai’s name, purity will awaken in everyone’s heart. No separate endeavor is required to cleanse the contamination. The effect is so instant! No wonder Srila Gurudev keeps insisting everyone to sing Nitai’s name in Kirtan. Oh Nitaaaaaiiiii… how potent is Thy holy name! I am floored at this moment. My power of speech seems to be escaping me.

Even in our most impure state of consciousness, when it feels like we cannot even search out our will to execute devotional service, Nitai’s holy name enters the ears and strikes like a thunderbolt in our heart. The effect of that thunder strike is tumultuous! It feels like a massive wave has come gushing with great force and swept you off the shore. You drown in the waves of that sound vibration. A big cumbersome load of junk just seems to lift off your heart…it just leaves…Nitainam throws it out. You feel lighter and blissful. And it is not an imaginary feeling or a form of hallucination, it is more deeper than anything we can experience in the material world. You can feel Nitai renewing your life in devotional service, recharging that vigor, uplifting our spirits! All I can think right now is that this Kirtan felt like Bhakti sanjeevani. Moreover an overwhelming energy enters into you that reminds you of all the previous times when you were uncontrollably attracted to Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna, those special moments that kept you going in devotional service. And then Nitai releases more of that same dose and forcibly draws you in.

All this happens in such rapid succession and we ourselves are so absorbed at that moment, it is impossible to determine time. It is like we enter into a mode of self-forgetfulness. All external consciousness leaves us, you cannot help it. You cannot hold back at that time. It is at that moment that you realize what our Acharyas mean that the holy names are beyond the jurisdiction of time. Nitai’s name allows you to enter into that divine state of consciousness, take a glimpse of that realm, where even time is eternal.

Afterwards when I heard Srila Prabhupada singing the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, the feeling was indescribable. Every syllable seems to reverberate within. Nitainam Kirtan helps you to churn the nectar from Harinam. Feeling so helpless that I have to stop such blissful flows coming from Nitaichand to engage in other futile activities. 😢😭😭

This life is really a waste without Kirtan. We can never determine its potency until we do it. It holds so much strength. Kirtan is the life of our sadhana and bhakti.

Nitaisevika dasi

Try to Please Nitai Every day 

🌺A thing I realized today while writing Nitai’s holy name is that instead of just planning about how we can please Nitai via various ways in the future, we should start doing all the little things we can to please Him right now…at this very moment. We will surely do all those other things we want to do for Nitai…when we can, but there’s still so many things we can do now. So better to make a start and get going.

And also, when we put all our focus and energy into doing something for Nitai, even if it’s a small endeavor, Nitai eventually transforms it into something really big. Nitai will give us an opportunity to do something big for Him when He sees how hard we are working on our little initiatives…that we have taken up only for Him.

We need to set big goals, but that also means that we need to give every piece of effort to reach that goal. Every drop adds up to the ocean. Every day we need to work on pleasing Nitai and serving Him, however we are capable. Like the saying goes,

Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab.

Gauranga’s Greed For Nitai’s Love

Gaur Krishna being the Supreme Personality of Godhead is never attracted or tempted by anything apart from pure love. The only thing He desires for from the living entities and becomes lured by is prema. Gaur Krishna’s greed to relish this ‘prema’ of His devotees has no boundaries. We have seen in innumerable pastimes that the Lord is willing to do anything in order to relish the love of His devotees.

Even one pure devotee’s devotional bhava is limitless and inexhaustible. Then what must be the love of the one who is the source of every individual soul’s limitless love for Gaur Krishna? Sri Vaishnava dhama! All the multitude of bhavas which are present within the hearts of all the devotees of the Supreme Lord are resting within Nityananda Prabhu. Nitai’s bhava is the conglomeration of all the devotional moods of the Lord’s pure devotees. This is why Gauranga is the most greedy to relish Nitai’s love and thus does so by accepting Nitaichand’s service in every single rasa.

One will understand the meaning of transcendental greed when one will factually see how desperate Gaurachand is to loot all of Nitai’s love. It is not only our Nitai who takes different forms to serve His master, it is Gaurhari who compels Him to do so…so that He can frolick in the ocean of Nitai’s love and fully relish every single aspect of it in all its entirety. The only way we can get hold of this love which Gauranga Himself is so madly eager to relish is by wholeheartedly surrendering ourselves at the lotus feet of Nitaichandra. Attaining love from Nitai is identical to achieving the highest love for Gauranga Krishna.

Jay jay Nitaaiiii! 😊

Nitaisevika dasi